Back in the Saddle

My dearest Student

My one foot is in the stirrup and I am ready to get back into the saddle (I think :-))

This week and Wednesday I am doing a “once of” free of charge training on the “Gospel of the Cross”, if you ever were curious about this concept, then you must not miss this training.

I’ll show you the connection that the ancients knew about the protein “Melatonin” the third eye, your body and (Spirit) that the Western World still are struggling to accept, and then that connection to the “Gospel of the Cross”.

If you do decide to attend – be prepared to be shocked. In anyhow, by now, you don’t expect anything less from me do you?

Please confirm your attendance soonest, same time and same place

13 Cedar Avenue

Clubview x 2


19h00 – 21h00

See you Wednesday at evening class?

As always, Love and Respect

Your Coach/Friend – I AM on your side



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