Can it be so Difficult to Use your……?

If you could wave a magic wand and change one thing in your life, what would it be?

Would you want to make more money? Lose weight? Start a business? Eliminate stress? Have better relationships?

A lot of people confuse the goals that society pushes them to do with goals that actually come from their soul.

I read in article on on this very topic. Below is what it said…

“Modern goal setting, as it is explained in countless college courses or to high-school kids (and even young children), is really not about teaching you how to pursue what will help you lead an extraordinary life.

“Instead, it is about teaching you to pursue common “Brules” (the bulls**t) rules created by society that we adopt to simplify our understanding of the world) that often lead to you chasing things you’ll ultimately find do not really matter.”

What I’ve learned over the last three decades working with thousands of people is that very few people have authentic dreams. Most people struggle because they are trying to live in a “fool’s paradise”

The moment you discover your own dreams/purpose you will be driven by passion instead of motivation.

To counter this “un-productive” cycle of New Year’s resolutions and goal setting that is never fulfilled, okay let me soften the blow – very few people actually get that one right, we’ve developed a model, which I call the “Manifestation Model” to change this into a very fulfilling experience of creating y0our life by design instead of default.

The model consists of 8 aspects that once understood, and used, will change your life irrevocably.

The Manifesting Model is built on the following 8 aspects:

1. Define
2. Raise your Consciousness
3. Define
4. De-limit – de-clutter
5. Allow – Align – Anchor
6. Inspired Action
7. Rest – let go, allow & receive
8. Rinse and repeat

You have to define what you want, because if you do not know what you want, how will you know you’ve got it when you get it. If you don’t know where you are going, how will you know you are there when you get there?

The second step is of the utmost importance, you have to raise your consciousness. Einstein stated as a fact, “You cannot solve a problem with the same consciousness that created it.”

And herein lies your greatest problem, because most of the “new things” that you want to create is based on the “old things” that you do not want anymore. Can you see the fallacy in this?

You have to raise your consciousness and then again define what you want, from a new perspective/consciousness.

Once you have done that you to “surface” your limiting beliefs that stopped you from achieving your goals in the past, let them go and exchange for more empowering beliefs.

The next step in getting the “Manifesting Model” to work for you is to make sure that you align “new creation’s’ values and beliefs align with your own values and beliefs, if not you will never create what you want. Then you have to allow this new creation to unfold in your life.

Once this happens you now have to anchor those positive experiences in you sub-conscious for future use.
From this you pay attention to your “Inner Coaches’” (Intuition) promptings and start taking “inspired action”.

Now it’s time to let go and let God….allow, it’s not your “job” to worry about the “how”, you have done the “what”. The Universe will take care of the rest….let go!

Okay, if you’ve done this once, you can do it again. Now it’s time for rinse and repeat.

Trust this made sense to you, I know it’s a lot of information to assimilate; we have however done a video training series on the “Manifesting Model” which will be released early next month so be on the lookout for a notification from us in this regards.

If you however want to be put on our pre-release list, feel free to drop us a mail and you will be ahead of the masses

Okay, that’s it for now, as always – love and respect

Talk to you again soon, in the meantime……..

Dare to “Awaken to Oneness” and be open for miracles……..TODAY!

Your coach/friend

The miracle man (Mindset Coach)
You are the results of what you were; you will be the results of what you are!
PS. They don’t call me the miracle man for nothing

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