Could Egypt Hold the Secret to Great Abundance?

I became obsessed with “Moses” ever since I first read the story in the Bible where God shared with him the Secret to Create Miracles.

I’ve read hundreds of books on this subject but could not find the “secret”. What was it that God shared with Moses that gave him the power to create the 24 miracles the Bible stories tell us?

Do you need a MIRACLE….NOW! What you are about to read will put your manifestation process on STEROIDS!

Okay, before we move on, being fare to you my dear reader I’m going to break this post up in two parts. I’ll share with you more about what I discovered in a follow up post.

Yes, I know that part of it was that God shared His name with Moses and many people believe that it was through the knowledge of this name the Moses created the miracles.

I actually wrote extensively about this name “I AM” in my book “The Secret is in the Bible”. I even taught people how to breathe life into the “I am, that I am”, and yes, it did work….but very inconsistently.

Yes, there was miraculous experiences for me and my students, but they were in between and far away.

I was missing something and I did not know what.

Then one of my students send me a link to a you tube video about a book that James Twyman wrote, “The Moses Code”, and low and behold here was someone that basically taught the same principle that I was teaching my students.

And then….a fun thing happened. My inner coach shared with me in a flash what I’ve been missing in all the years of researching the “Moses Code”, also the ingredient that’s missing in James Twyman’s book.

But although I “instinctively” new the missing ingredient I had to undertake a journey to faraway countries and regions to learn how to apply this missing link.

Confucius said, “Study the past if you would define the future”. When I remembered this wise saying my journey started by asking a “simple” question.

That got me thinking…what if what I was looking for wasn’t in any book at all, but in an old legacy?

Who were the two people in the Bible that created the most miracles?

Well, that was not rocket science. It was Moses in the Old Testament and Jesus in the New Testament, and that was when the “penny really dropped”

Where did Moses study?……In Egypt!

Where did Jesus spend the first part of his life?…..In Egypt!

I also thought about the wealthiest man in ancient time…King Solomon. Where did he study?….in Egypt!

There’s a connection there, and that’s how my journey started. I knew that Egypt held a “secret”, some hidden esoteric knowledge that if applied could create miracles.

The civilization that really started it all when it comes to success, wisdom and spirituality. And that is ancient Egypt. What can we say about ancient Egypt that will give it justice?

Some say they were even more advanced than we are now. In truth? That’s a pathetic understatement. Don’t believe anything your schoolbooks try to get you to believe.

In ancient Egypt they had board games, cosmetics, judges and juries of their peers. Specialized medicine, even a women’s lib movement. This next one almost seems like a joke, but serious historians are now considering the possibility that they had operational airplanes somewhat similar the ones we use today.

Some of those hieroglyphics certainly make it look that way. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

So that was the first Ancient Country I visited to learn more about the “Moses Code”, and boy, what I discovered thee allowed me to put the “Moses Code on Steroids”.

When I got to the pyramid of Giza, things becomes downright spooky. First off, Science is baffled about how they simply put that pyramid together.

No contractor today can even build half a pyramid with those dimensions and bricks that heavy. They’ve tried and failed.

But way more spooky than that, are the messages encoded in the pyramid. Don’t ask me details on this because it’s way beyond me.

But apparently if you know how to measure the pyramid the right way, you find familiar numbers that seem eerily familiar. You will find numbers that we have only discovered in the past 100 years.

For instance, it’s clear they knew Pythagoras theorem and advanced geometry. They knew what PI was up to 5 digits past the decimal point. What about advanced physics? They had that too. You’ll find in the measurements. They knew exactly what the speed of light was.

As well as another measurement we have no idea how to discover called… FASTER than speed of light.

The codes in this pyramid show these men could put any modern scientist today, to shame. But it goes even further than that if you can believe it.

Okay, I trust I really got you curious. In the next post we’ll continue with my discoveries in Egypt, astonishing.

But my journey did not stop there, what I discovered in Egypt took me too India and then to Tibet…and then to London……and then to America…..and all the way back to South Africa.

Guess where?

“Adam’s Calendar”, the ancient ruins in Barberton. What  I discovered there brought nearly thirty years of search, and may I say, “sweat, blood and tears” to a full circle and….I knew how to put the “Moses Code” on STEROIDS!

Okay, enough for today.

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