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For years, I’ve talked about how our beliefs create our experiences.

The quote that comes up most often is:

According to your faith is it done to you.

But it was only after my own “dark night of the soul” experience that I realized how to actually change my limiting beliefs to more empowering ones with the process I now call “Harmonic Spiritual Mind Treatment Affirmative Prayer”

Remember we’ll be launching this program on Wednesday 03 February, and for those of you that are lucky enough to get your hands on this program…oh boy…expect miracles as an everyday occurrence once you start applying the “simple” techniques in this program.

Initially, we’ll only be releasing 100 of these programs, so be sure to “be here” on Wednesday. Or if you are worried that you will miss the opportunity send me your email and name and I will put you on the waiting list

Of course, even on a purely physical level, our beliefs lead to our decisions, which leads to our actions, which leads to our results.

You decided to do something because you believed it was the right thing to do in the circumstances.

In many/most cases, our beliefs hold us back.

We know logically that we should do X or Y, but we “just don’t feel like it” or “that’s not me.”

Maybe you want to speak up more often, or ask someone out on a date, or say ‘no’ when you have other plans.

Maybe you want to be more organized, but find yourself setting things ‘anywhere’ because you don’t have the time to file them where they should go.

I struggled a lot with self-confidence.

I always put other people first, waiting for my turn to get what I thought I deserved, and found that if I wanted to get what I deserved, I had to stand up for it.

But I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, so I sat back and settled for whatever came my way. i’m sure you can associate with this?

While I had made tremendous progress in this area, last year I discovered that I was still holding myself back, and the responsible belief was based on a memory from a grade one school experience.

One day, after school, a friend and I were playing in the schoolyard, and I did something which caused us to lose one of his toy cars.

I felt so guilty losing his toy; I spent a long, LONG time looking for that car.

I even missed the bus going home because I was still looking for that toy.

It was only while I was working on the program “Harmonic Spiritual Mind Treatment Affirmative Prayer” that this belief surfaced and I realized that this was what held me back from many breakthrough experiences in my life

The great thing however was that I not only became aware of this limiting belief but that I could now immediately release this limiting believe and replace it with a more empowering one “instantaneously” through this new process “Harmonic Spiritual Mind Treatment Affirmative Prayer” that I discovered

The solution was when I decided to change the memory itself.

I relaxed as deeply as I could, which at that time was quite deep, going into a theta brain wave, which I explain to a great extend in the program “Harmonic Spiritual Mind Treatment Affirmative Prayer”, and the importance of why.

I took myself back in time to that day, and changed the memory to include my friend telling me that he didn’t really care about that toy anyways, and that it really didn’t matter.

I made sure to take time to imagine us playing together and having fun, regardless of what happened with the toy.

When I came out of it, I could tell the feelings caused by that memory were different.

It felt as if a heavy weight was gone, and I was free again.

Immediately, I went back in to rewrite other memories from my childhood.  Times when I thought other kids were teasing me and making fun of me.

I changed those memories so I could look at it as a game we were all playing together, and I was having fun in the experience.

I only spent a few minutes on the whole process using the techniques I explain in “Harmonic Spiritual Mind Treatment Affirmative Prayer”. No more than 30 minutes for everything, and in most cases much less than 30 minutes.

Yet the change it made in me was tremendous!

I consider it one of the most profound results I’ve received from anything I’ve ever done.

As you might expect, I made sure to include this process in the recent “Harmonic Spiritual Mind Treatment Affirmative Prayer” workshop, which will be released on Wednesday 03 February as a online program.

In the workshop, we had one lady who said she had some painful memories she would like to change, and after a quick 5-minute session, she reported that she could feel a definite difference.

Okay that’s it for now; I’ll share a little more about the “Harmonic Spiritual Mind Treatment Affirmative Prayer” tomorrow

Your friend….


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