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You will notice that we’ll be changing gears with our next posts focussing more on teaching you the “Art of Living”. So let’s jump in with our first post that will lead you in that direction….Living and not only existing

Nothing you imagined will be impossible for you – The Bible……REALLY?

The game of life is always played on twb2ap3_thumbnail_journey-3.jpgo levels. First in your imagination and then as your ‘experienced’ reality. Both of them can be played in the same way

There are at least four unique ways to participate in the game of life. Some people live their lives in the stands, eating their hotdogs, watching the game go by. They believe that life is a spectator sport, and thus they do the minimum to survive.


The second category is players who sit on the sideline bench, hoping and believing that one day they will get to really play in the game. Yet, their shoes are still untied, and they are totally unprepared to jump on the field.

The third group is composed of the players who are in action on the playing field, yet function like robots, unconsciously carrying out their coaches’ orders and commands. They follow all the rules of the game, and do exactly what they are told to do. Their lives are one big “should” waiting to implode.

The fourth group contains the most satisfied players of all. They are conscious, pro-active, inspired manifestors who through their awakened imagination design their own game and experience a succession of peak experiences during their time on the field. These beings are natural leaders who catalyze and inspire all the other teammates into inspired action.

They bring creative thinking and “possibility consciousness” into the hearts and minds of each player. They have mastered the art of being present to the divine juiciness found within each moment of the game.

In which one of these groups have you spent the majority of your days?

b2ap3_thumbnail_journey-1.jpgWe invite you to step back from your life, and look at everything you have experienced thus far. Notice at what times you were sitting with your feet up in the stands, watching the game go by from the sidelines, or truly on the playing field 100%! Perhaps, you chose to play it safe, and never felt like you made it out on the field. Whatever you experienced, what made you get excited enough to fully step onto the field. What was that FEELING like when you were ON the playing field?

Remember this feeling! It is your secret weapon for winning the game.

Stepping out onto the playing field as a manifestor to use your imagination by design instead of default is both a terrifying and exhilarating experience. The exhilaration begins when you completely participate in the adventure.

Life is not a spectator sport. This game is about discovering how to be fulfilled on the deepest and most intimate levels of your being, and only occurs through intimate participation with your life. This intimacy happens when you are so involved and engaged in each moment that you lose your sense of separateness from everything and everyone on the field.

Intimately participating in your life teaches you how to trust the process of life, and discover the super-natural being you truly are. It educates you on how to let go of your stuckness, tap into this divine focus, and become responsible for manifesting your dreams and desires!

The following exercise will help you step onto the playing field of life and take inspired action towards manifesting your dreams.

Use this “Imagination by Design” Exercise to Help you Leap onto the Playing Field of your Life!

Start with making an extensive list of all the things you think are stopping you from getting on the field. This may simply be a list of your greatest fears, excuses, insecurities, or just limiting beliefs about yourself.

Write down every experience you can think of that is stopping you from living the life of your dreams.

After your list is complete, pick your top three “charged” things on the list to release from your body and mind.

To start the releasing process, first breathe any resistance to feeling the feeling into your body. Feel whatever you’re feeling deep, and on the out-breath repeat the words, “I release this fear and allow everything to be O.K.” As your body experiences the feeling of fear, you simply reb2ap3_thumbnail_Blog-3-.jpgmain the observer in the background, watching the event happening from afar.

Repeat this exercise with everything on your list, until there is no emotional “charges” left inside you.

When you can find peace with your entire list you’ll find yourself exuding LOADS of new energy which will make you naturally jump onto the playing on the field of life!

This exercise is one of many found in “The 100 Day Awakened Imagination Challenge” which is the most comprehensive resource on how to use your imagination by design instead of by default!  It shows you exactly how to “Use your Imagination by Design to Raise Your Manifesting Vibration” and receive actual results!

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