Discover how to Propel your business/life to a whole new level!

Don’t sit on your assets!

The more you invest in yourself, the more your Self will appreciate… and the more you will appreciate yourself.

See for yourself what happens when you commit to taking your life to the next level…

If you have not done so yet….Register now – For our “Power Hour” Breakfast Group Coaching Event August 15! It is not too late to join!

Why compromise yourself when you possess the ability to create the life you want to live… with ease!

Now’s your chance to claim one of the last spots at Plant Ranch Cosmos Cafe, Rabie Str. Littleton. Wednesday 15th  August 08h00 (Next to Jean Crossing Shopping Centre – Littleton)

Make no mistake… we want you to accomplish your goal of freedom!

Take hold of this opportunity to live the live you want

Why not sit down and ask yourself: “What advantage is it for me to go? — What disadvantage is it for me to go?”

This will help you knock out the obstacles to showing up.

And if you’re on the fence, allow us to help you jump over by calling us at (082) 709-3096 and we will help you understand the value that will be added so you can show up with ease.

Time is of the essence! The sooner you make a decision, the better you will be in your life.

Bookings close tomorrow (Tuesday at 12h00), we only have a few seats left!!!

If you don’t take this opportunity right now, just ask yourself why you would hold yourself back from living in total freedom and abundance.

Don’t let one more minute of life pass you by

Don’t run the risk of saying to yourself five years from now, “Wow, I really wished I took the opportunity to invest in myself and expand my life when I had the chance.”

This is your chance to change your life and go free. What is that worth?

It’s priceless!

If you’re “on the fence” – hop over.

If you’re still unsure about coming, then please let us encourage you to hop over to the side of choosing freedom.

Why? Because freedom is what every person on the planet is really looking for. When you go for freedom, everything falls into line:

  • Financial Abundance
  • Health
  • Effortless Relationships


  • Total Happiness

And, if you are hesitating, then it is saying to us that while you may want freedom, you have not really chosen to have freedom, once and for all. And, so, it will remain out of reach until you choose it.

You’re also blocking everything else that comes with freedom, such as having that financial abundance.

Think it’s too expensive to attend? Guess what… you can even show up for absolutely no charge! … Bring two guests and you can attend free!

Don’t miss this opportunity to FINALLY discover how to CREATE EFFORTLESS SUCCESS!

Ockert J Möller

“Power Hour Business Group Coaching Club”

The Perfect Life, Business, and Existence

 If you REALLY want to:

  • Recession-Proof Your Business
  • Create an Actual Sales Process that feels good and gets results.
  • Learn some AMAZING PRACTICAL tools that will activate your ability to be a MASTER MANIFESTOR in your business AND your life!
  • Network with like-minded business owners

Then all you’ll need to do is join us on Wednesday 15th  August 08h00 at Plant Ranch Cosmos Cafe, Rabie Str. Littleton; and learn how to Activate in yourself the ability to implement your plan and Build or Expand Your Successful Business as an EMPOWERED Entrepreneur.

  • Lucky draws a plenty J
  • Bring two guests and you can attend free!
  • The person that brings the most guests will have a free consultation session with Ockert (subject of your choice) value R 900.00 (PRICELESS)

Wednesday 15th August 2018

08h00 — 08h30: Registration – coffee/tea – meet and greet

08h30 – 09h30: Presentation

  • The three core skills you MUST have to be successful in business (and why no one is talking about them).
  • Why managing your energy is the key to transforming your business (because everything is energy – including you).
  • How to transform selling into serving (so you can powerfully and authentically connect with people through your marketing materials or in person).

09h30 – 10h00: Opportunity to network practicing the 10 keys to Successful Business Networking

10h00: Breakfast

Limited seating, please book on or before Monday 13th by e –mail  or by phone Barbara 082-372-4510 or Ockert 082-709-3096

Cost/Investment R100.00 inclusive of breakfast. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any more information

Okay, that’s it for now – talk to you again soon

Truly Caring about YOU, Your Happiness and Success!

Your coach/friend – “I AM” in your corner!!!

The miracle man (Mindset – Law of Attraction Coach)

You are the results of what you were; you will be the results of what you are!

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