Discover the Definition of Perfect Prayer!

Why are most prayers not answered?

Sometimes, it’s the most basic answers that prove to be the most effective solutions to your problems.

For example, despite the many fad diets constantly promoted by celebrity authors and sports trainers, the most effective ones tend to focus on the 2 things you’ve heard more often than anything else — consuming fewer calories and getting more exercise.

In relationships, what tends to work best is to simply express genuine, sincere interest in the other person. This works far better than memorizing lines or scripts based on arcane psychological principles.

In sales and marketing, the core offer (product, price, guarantee) counts for far more than snazzy designs or ninja copywriting skills.

So it’s no surprise to learn that when it comes to manifesting your desires with the help of a higher power, the most effective solution is also one of the most basic. Prayer.

Not just your average, “say a few words and hope it gets answered” kind of prayer. A kind of prayer I call “Harmonic Spiritual Mind Treatment Affirmative Prayer”.

Once you learn the key elements that make Harmonic Spiritual Mind Treatment Affirmative Prayer work, you won’t waste your time with fancy LOA (Law of Attraction) methodologies or spend years learning quantum physics.

Why Ordinary Prayers Don’t Work & How to Fix Them

In the next few posts I will elaborate more on why ordinary prayers don’t work and how to fix them

I will also introduce you to the Harmonic Spiritual Mind Treatment Affirmative Prayer and show you why it’s vastly different from what most people think of as prayer.

In fact, the way most people pray virtually GUARANTEES failure!

Curb your curiosity, I’ll show you in the next mail on Thursday:-)

PS. The definition of perfect prayer is……..answered prayer

Talk to you again soon, in the meantime……..

Dare to “Awaken to Oneness” and be open for miracles……..TODAY!

Your friend….


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