Discover the “REAL” reason why you struggle to manifest….

The real reason why you are “struggling” to live by design instead of default is because of….are you ready for it?


– Sympathetic
– Parasympathetic

The what?

Well actually it is the……….

The sympathetic nervous system
– The parasympathetic nervous system

The one activates “scarcity” consciousness and the other “abundance” consciousness, now guess which consciousness should be activated if you want to live by design?

You are right, the “abundance” consciousness!

The question now is which one of these nervous systems activates which consciousness? Guess?

Okay, no more guessing, just kick of your shoes, take a coffee break and read on!

Mind and Body are part of the same System:

What follows is part of a training session we do on “Heal your Abundance” consciousness where we discuss the Core Abundance daily meditative practice. You will find your answer when you start reading about The Physiology of Abundance

Core Abundance is a daily meditative practice that forms the foundation on which an abundance life is built.
This practice has been specifically developed to ensure you enter the proper physical, emotional and mental states to immediately receive abundance.  The entire meditation exercise is divided into three parts – opening up to receive abundance, aligning with the flow of abundance and embodying abundance.

In this session we will look at each of these sections separately, and then put them together so that you can experience the incredible power of this meditative practice.

The Physiology of Abundance

The Core Abundance practice is best done at the start of your day as the effect it has on your body and mind can radically change your experience of the day.  Have you ever woken grumpy, stomping around your home and grumbling about having to go to work?  Then everything seemed to go wrong. Traffic only made you grumpier and by the time you got to work, there was crisis after crisis to deal with.

What you focus on in the morning determines the quality of the rest of the day. What you focus on when waking up determines what part of your nervous system will be used to perceive the events of the day. If you focus on thoughts of resistance, such as, “I really don’t want to go to work today”, or “I hate this lousy job”, you are creating stress. Stress is a physiological response to perceived threat.

When you get stressed, you activate the sympathetic nervous system in the body – otherwise known as the “fight or flight” part of the nervous system. This is responsible for preparing your body to respond to threats by either attacking the thread (anger) or running away (fear).

These are the only two emotions this part of your nervous system can experience.  Triggering this part of your nervous system results in certain processes of the body being shut down.

One of the first to get shut down is the digestive system. Have you ever had trouble digesting food when you are upset? This is a direct response to the digestion been turned off in order to redirect energy to the fight or flight nervous system. It also stimulates the adrenals, causing you to become jumpy, irritable and nervous. Does this sound like an abundant state for you?

The sympathetic nervous system is directly responsible for scarcity consciousness.  It is the part of your nervous system that tells you that you don’t have enough. This natural response to stress is intended to drive you toward accumulating more food and resources to protect yourself against a perceived threat.

When this part of the nervous system are triggered, it can take hours for your physiology to recover – for your digestion to switch back on, you adrenals start regulating and your hoarding instinct to turn off. During these hours you will not be able to perceive abundance. Every nerve in your body is going to be hyper attuned to scarcity consciousness. This is the way we are built.

Now on the other hand, imagine you wake up with positive thoughts and emotions, or you generate them shortly after. Thoughts such as, “Today I will share Love through my work and abundance will flow”, or “I choose joy”, will make you more relaxed, optimistic  and even happy about beginning your day and heading to work.  As you head through traffic, practice your abundance affirmations and smile at people.

When you arrive at work, things that appeared to be in crisis now can be easily resolved in creative new ways. You receive a positive comment from your boss on your great attitude are giving a bonus for your exemplary work. Sure, it may not be a perfect job, but it is the perfect opportunity to share and experience abundance!

When you begin your day with positive and abundance thoughts, you trigger the parasympathetic nervous system your “healing and repair” part of the nervous system. When this aspect of your nervous system is activated, it creates biochemical cascades in the body that trigger the cells to regenerate, heal and balance. It stimulates digestion and metabolism, help to release stored fat and increase nutrient absorption.

The parasympathetic nervous system regulates serotonin uptake in the brain, which directly affects our mood and can help with overcoming depression.

The parasympathetic nervous system also activates those parts of the brain that help us think creatively, perceive new solutions to problems and conceive of new inventions approaches and possibilities. It also stimulates psychic ability and one’s sense of spiritual connection, bliss and rapture

The parasympathetic nervous system is the abundance perception system. When it is activated you are much more likely to perceive abundance and to feel joyful and happy.  When activated early in your day it can actually prevent you from feeling and reacting to stress. It can prevent your scarcity consciousness from taking control.

The Core abundance practice has been designed to activate and strengthen the parasympathetic nervous system. This ensures that the actual physiology of your body – its biochemistry – will support your ability to perceive abundance.

Without entering the state you are much more likely to be in stress and therefore operating from a scarcity consciousness. If you do the core abundance practice at the end of the day or even in the middle you will find that it is not as effective. This is because the majority of the meditative time will be spent correcting the physiology of the sympathetic nervous system.

When you do the meditation first thing in the morning it will not only be easier to open to the flow of abundance, but you will not have to spend any time overcoming the physiology created by stress. This will make the meditation much more effective.

Now let’s take a look at the three parts of the core abundance practice and what it accomplishes.

Step 1 Opening to receive abundance:

Scarcity consciousness is obsessed with trying. It tries to create abundance, tries to practice abundance, and tries to get more abundance and so on. Trying is a function of the sympathetic nervous system. It creates tension, and therefore stress. Inherent in the concept of trying is the concept of failing.

You have tried very hard to experience abundance, but here you are, doing this course. It is not because you are not good at the abundance, but because “trying” to get abundance automatically activates that part of the nervous system that can’t experience it!

Abundance consciousness on the other hand doesn’t try – it allows. It doesn’t include the possibility of failure, you either choose to allow, or you don’t. There is no middle ground as these two approaches are based in different areas of the nervous system.

Take a moment now to feel the difference.

1. Close your eyes and try to relax. Try as hard as you can to release tension from your body. Try to breathe deeply and evenly.

2. Now, close your eyes again and allow yourself to relax. Allow all tension to be released and breathe deep and even.

Which one helped you to relax more! If you are like most, allowing was much more natural and effortless than trying. When you are trying your muscles will automatically tense and your breathing will become shallow.

When you allow, your muscles will naturally relax and your breathing will become deeper. These are signs of what part of the nervous system you are using and each approach.

When you are trying, you focus on creating or obtaining something. It is an external directed energy that requires you to pursue something “out there”. But the abundance isn’t out there. It cannot be attained or arrived at. Therefore, trying to experience abundance is exactly the wrong approach. When allowing, however, you are opening yourself receive something that is already there. Releasing tension is releasing resistance.

When you release resistance to abundance, then you will find it.

The idea of receiving abundance is often difficult for people that have been struggling with scarcity consciousness. It somehow feels wrong or like failure to stop trying to become more abundant.

It may feel as if you are doing nothing. But opening up to receive a abundance is an active process. Actively receiving is the most important aspect of practicing abundance and for many people it is the most difficult.

The first part of the core abundance practice trains you to become Active receptive by focusing upon receiving your breath as preparation for receiving abundance.

Okay, just for the sake of length and time we’ll continue our discussion tomorrow where I’ll show you the rest of this “SECRET”

In the meantime during the course of the day, become VERY aware of which one of your nervous systems you primarily function from

Love to hear your feedback on this one

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