Discover the “SECRET” code that Moses used to kick Pharaoh’s ass?

What’s the “SECRET” code that Moses used to kick Pharaoh’s ass?

Okay, are you ready for our next episode on Ancients Secrets of King’s, Priests and Prophets?

In this article I’ll reveal to you the identity of the third Mystical Person one of the greatest historical figures that ever lived…

Moses, King Solomon and…..Okay, curb your curiosity, you will find out at the end of this article
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Before we continue with our journey in Egypt lets first quickly pop over to Israel and tell you about a “little” secret I learned there.

The “secret” that I picked up there is very important, it’s where it all started, I knew that the Israelites were at first enslaved by Egypt and the Pharaohs and ultimately wound up getting the  upper hand, at least for a while.

Now who could get the upper hand on those Pharaohs? Were they even more advanced than they were?

Well if you believe the story you’ll know that a pretty smart young man named Moses was raised in Pharaoh’s household and in charge of a great deal of the operations of the country.

No question he had this knowledge and then he turned it against them. Did he know something they didn’t?

And why has Israel, when so many other great civilizations have fallen, persisted until today.

Why are the descendants of that very same people, occupying leading positions in Hollywood and the news media, science and the arts, when they are 2% percent of the population and were nearly annihilated just 50 years ago.

Incidentally, they have also produced include one of the wealthiest men who ever lived in our recent history including Mayer Amschel Rothschild.

And locked down 20% Nobel prizes, when once again, they are only 2% of the population. It seemed like they also knew something I had to know.

These thoughts swirled in my mind, as I went on my quest to find this secret, I had this overwhelming feeling that once I discovered what I was going to discover during this quest…….

Nothing would ever be the same, and it wasn’t. So without further ado… let’s roll back the tape on my journey back in time to the greatest civilizations of all time. The most ancient civilization of all.

According to the Bible, the very first man and the Garden of Eden were right here. And the civilization continues to reshape and innovate in our world way beyond its numbers.

What I found was both shocking and exhilarating, I found that every major success in the world was fuelled by the “secret” that these three great men. Moses, King Solomon, and…….. yes, that one, applied. Hold on to your curiosity, I’ll share his name with you in a moment

Three different paths. Three different outlooks, with the same foundation, which led to three very different symbols.

But understanding what these three people represented was totally indispensable to my growth. I became a new person. And I can’t imagined how my life would’ve turned out if I did not discover the secret that these three men shared with me

Which is why I came to the conclusion that the ultimate “success switch” lies in incorporating ALL of these three outlooks into your life. Because they are all right.

Indeed, you must master yourself before you can begin to conquer the world around you.

You must understand the science of energy, luck and synchronicity, so the universe propels you to success without friction.

And finally, you need to be able to turn that success into true prosperity. By directing all that energy towards others, becoming a “benevolent entrepreneur and creating a life you can be proud of.

There was Moses showing the way and leading by example was King Solomon, the richest of the three men and also well liked and respected by the world leaders of his time. That’s true success.

Okay, what was the “secret” I discovered. I’ll give you a hint; it has to do with the Hebrew language, spelled Hi-bu-ru, and what the word “letter” means in Hebrew.

What’s the “secret” Ockert, and who was the third man? ………Patience my dear friend, I will share more about this secret that was found in Egypt in our next post

The SECRET to put the “Moses Code” on STEROIDS!

Together we are going to explore what these three men learned in Egypt and then I’m going to share these secrets with you so that you can….at last live the life of your dreams….

Okay, enough for today.

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