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When Will You Finally Choose To Awaken This Awe-Inspiring Power You Were Born With?

As promised yesterday, let’s shine a “little” more light on one of the most misunderstood concepts ever given to humanity.

I AM……. When you introduce yourself to somebody you always, well most of the time in anyhow, use the phrase “I am, followed by your name. The key here is to understand……”What do you base your concept of ‘I AM’ on?”

Who “made” you believe that you are who you say/think you are? I’ll let you in on a “secret” on Monday and show you exactly “who made” you believe who you currently think you are.

Did you know that the Bible actually states that you “name – current identity”, has become an abomination before God? Stick around, I’ll show you on Monday where in the Bible that’s actually written and why this is so important to understand if you really want to live by design and not by default

From the word “I AM” flows the following word “imagination” (I’m). The word “imagination” breaks up into the concept, “image in action”.

It’s going to take a “bit of explaining to really tap into that concept so I will rather post an article about it on our blog on Monday explaining it in greater detail, patience my dear “Watson”

But for now……………..

Albert Einstein was right when he said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

But why?

Because true imagination is pretty rare.  Most NEW ideas aren’t NEW at all. They’re based on something that has already been done.

Where’s the imagination in that?

All imagination is based on past memory. You can’t imagine something completely new, you had to have based that imagination on something you’ve seen before.

Now, I will give you two examples from stories that you are very well aware of (another secret to be revealed on Monday) about using your imagination in that way, based on your current memory, will always lead to destruction and pain

Here’s where it gets really interesting…

If all imagination is based on memory, who’s to say that particular memory has to come from this lifetime, or this civilization or even this planet?

Think about it, can you imagine a colour that you’ve never seen before?  Go ahead and try. Imagine a colour you have never seen before.

Notice what your brain does? It starts trying to create a mix, based on what you already know.

You may be able to visualize your bedroom walls, and you may be able to imagine those walls changing colour or texture. But that’s not true imagination, it’s creative visualization.

Every colour that you see in your visualization came from something you’ve seen before.

Can you visualize your walls being the colour of infrared?

No, because you’ve never seen that colour.  Not in this human body.

This is what makes imagination so important.  The bigger your imagination, the more knowledge and memories you can access… it’s the key to past-life recall!

Not only that, it’s the key to opening your brain/mind to see greater levels of reality. Levels that exist outside of what you’ve experienced in this life, into the great unknown.

And that my dear friend ……..will give you the power to become a “reality hacker”!

Okay, that’s enough to “ponder” for the weekend, big hugs!

I will see you on Monday, in the meantime……..

Dare to “Awaken to Oneness” and be open for miracles……..TODAY!

Love to hear your feedback on this one!

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