Don’t get things Perfect, get things Started!

Know what top performers do differently?

They know that it’s better to get started than to be perfect.

Over the years, I’ve observed an unusual mindset trick that top performers have in common, that’s the complete opposite of what most people do.

Know what it is?

The ability to do things by halves.

That might sound odd – especially as our culture values “going all in” so much.

But let me explain…

Say you want to lose weight, and you decide that the best way to do it is by going on a 30-day detox – no sugar, no alcohol, no crap.

What’s the first thing you’d do?

Well, if you’re like most people, you’d mentally scan through your upcoming social commitments to try to find an ‘empty’ month – one with no weddings, no birthdays, and no special events where you know you’ll want to indulge.

But the thing is, as we all know, life is busy.

So to find a suitable time, you’d likely need to flick 3 – 4 months into the future… Thereby postponing any chance at progress for at least another quarter, even though it’s really important to you to lose weight.

Know what a top performer would do differently?

They’d start today, regardless of what’s on their calendar this month.

A small percentage of them would “blunt force” their way through the inevitable weddings and parties – not breaking their detox at all.

But those are the hard-core peeps; the ones with discipline hardwired into their DNA.

The ones I’m really interested in – and the ones I think we can all learn the most from – are the ones who start their detox today, and still go to the wedding/ party/ shindig and allow themselves a night off from their detox to indulge.

Then they get back on the horse immediately the next day.

These guys are the ones who achieve massively, in all areas of life, while (and this is key) still having a life.

What’s their secret?

They know that it’s better to get started than to be perfect.

They know that a 30-day detox with one cheat day (heck, even a few cheat days) isn’t a failure, but an important progression towards their goal.

And they know that small, strategic steps are the best way to get where they want to go – even if their journey isn’t ‘all in’ all the time.

Compare that with our “normal person” example… by the time they get around to even beginning their journey, our high performer has already made significant progress, if not hit their goal completely.

So tell me, who do you think is going to get further in life? Who do you think is going to achieve more of their goals, and faster?

Is it the person who waits ‘til things are perfect so they can go ‘all in’?

Or is it the person who makes incremental moves towards their goal today, no matter how higgledy-piggledy their progress might look?

It’s an intriguing observation, isn’t it?

It’s also the exact way I’ve managed to lose 6 kg since late January.

Let me tell you: I have NOT been perfect every single day. I’ve had events – even entire weekends – where I consciously chose to be ‘off the wagon’.

But the rest of the time, I’ve been extra focused, and have really gone all in during the ‘little sprints’ in between.

And you know what?

It’s made losing weight and changing my health SO MUCH EASIER!

No longer is going off the plan a ‘failure’. No longer am I beating myself up with every ‘mistake’. Instead, I know I’m plugging away at my goal, little by little, which is a great feeling. I also know it’s a long-term game, not something I’ll do overnight… That really helps take the pressure off too!

This ‘doing things by halves’ principle applies beautifully to business as well.

Maybe you’ve dreamed of starting a new business, but have been putting it off until the “right” time.

But as the ‘halfway principle’ proves, if you want to be a top performer, this is absolutely the wrong approach to take.

Instead? Start now, start small, and don’t be afraid to inch your way forward.

That means beginning with just the first step: taking that first step. That alone is an epic way to set your dream in motion.

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