Flip the Switch that will make you “Insanely” Rich!

The power of life and death lies on the tongue; you can either create or destroy by the words you use every day!

Welcome to “The Moses Code on Steroids”. And I know exactly why you’re here

You are looking for a switch!

That “switch” you can flip that turns your life from darkness to light. From confusion to clarity, and from an uphill battle, to a life where wealth and success flow to you easily like a force of gravity.

And you are sick of waiting for it. It’s time for results. Real results you can see touch and feel and of course results you can spend.

Well, I have good news: The switch exists. We’ve officially found it. That switch has been officially found.

And you’re going to get a chance to flip it if you keep on reading to the end of this blog post. At that point, the money will come… boy will it come!

The “insanely” rich did that……..

They Flipped the Switch…….!

And that’s what can happen when you do.

Now I would never say that everyone will become rich happy and famous with this course. But I would say that these secrets have been secretly used throughout history to do exactly that.

We’re bringing that power back that’s been hidden for too long.

Which may leave you wondering how could these secrets be so old? And yet work so well in our modern setting? I wondered that myself.

Old doesn’t mean dumb. Not at all! You’re about to find out, it’s quite the opposite.

I know because I’ve been teaching and coaching on this stuff for years. I’ve had a lot of wonderful success stories in that time. Made a name for myself and was earning a living some would die for.

But with the “Moses Code on Steroids”, I’ve never had so much fun. It’s a different world because it’s a lot faster. The results are lot bigger. In fact, I can’t even compare it to anything I’ve done before.

But that’s not really what this course is about. What we’re most interested in is what happens next.

This world is suffering right now and it needs good leaders like never before. It needs benevolent and powerful kings and queens, who actually have the power to make a difference.

Before you read on…just qickly ask yourself this question?

Why are the Jews some of the wealthiest and most influential people the world has ever known?

Here’s something to ponder about the “Moses Code on Steroids”………….

Moses was an Israelite, why are the descendants of that very same people, occupying leading positions in Hollywood and the news media, science and the arts, when they are only 2% percent of the population and were nearly annihilated just 50 years ago.

Incidentally, they have also produced one of the wealthiest men who ever lived in our recent history including Mayer Amschel Rothschild.

And locked down 20% Nobel prizes, when once again, they are only 2% of the population. Just for fun, according to Wikipedia, 10 current Senators, 15 representatives, 2 governors and 6 mayors in the USA are Jews. (2015)

I have discovered the “secret” that these people “inherited” from Moses that made them some of the wealthiest and most influential people the world has known.

Could it be that that the secret behind the secret lies in, “the power of life and death lies in the tongue?”

If you’ve ever sensed a block holding you back from your financial or career goal, there’s only one question you should be asking…………..

Is Your DNA Programmed To Attract Prosperity Into Your Life… Or Reject It?

If you don’t have an open mind, this may be a little hard to swallow…

But studies by Russian molecular biologists and linguists show that the words you speak every day have a shocking impact on your DNA.

Yes, your WORDS.

I hope you don’t take this too personally…


The Scientific Experiment that will Prove to you Beyond a Shadow of Doubt, within 21 Days that this program “The Moses Code on Steroids” is the Real Deal (You will learn more about this INSIDE the program)

Now hold on to your hat, fasten your seat belt the train is about to leave the station. On Thursday I’ll share with you what this experiment is and show you the results I created in just 21 days, and boy you will astonished to discover that you can create the exact same results!

Patience my dear friend, I will share more about this secret that I used to create such astonishing results
The SECRET to put the “Moses Code” on STEROIDS!

Okay, enough for today.

Love to hear your feedback on this one

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Here’s your opportunity to learn the secrets that made Moses so ‘kick ass’ powerful!

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