Get Ready to Awaken to Oneness and…..!

b2ap3_thumbnail_Manifesting-1--20.jpgAs you read through today’s blog post, and our subsequent writings, you will be reminded of one of the most important ideas in life which we all tend to forget: You are a super powerful manifesting being whose thoughts are always creating your reality.

By simply remembering this one truth everyday, you will transform your entire life forever. Just this one wisdom alone is enough to awaken you to the power to manifest many miraculous things throughout your life.

Manifesting is your natural birth-right along with the experience of being “Awakened to Oneness”.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Manifesting--20.jpgWe are all born with this innate ability to bring our thoughts into physical form by learning how to harness the true power of our mind/brain. The experience of awakening occurs automatically when one relaxes and abides in their most natural state of being. In my world, awakening/enlightenment and manifesting are like a parent and child; they depend on each other to exist and are also independent of the other’s existence.

In the world of manifesting, you’ll find that some desires you want to manifest are super challenging and nearly impossible to attract quickly into your world, while others show up with nearly no effort at all.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Manifesting-3-20.jpgThis level of effortlessness is one way of measuring the degree to which one is spiritually awakened, or enlightened. By applying what you learn in these blog articles, you’ll become lighter, more open-minded, and free! The “lighter” you can become, the more your desires tend to manifest naturally with effortless ease.

The most ironic thing about becoming an “Awakened Manifestor” is that you already are one. When you relax into the core of your innermost being it’s easy to experience the truth that you are a very powerful magical manifesting being.

You cannot change this inherent quality within you. This ability is something you cannot lose, create more of, or ever stop completely. It is like the radiant sun that is always brilliantly shining on our planet. No matter what you do, think, or believe, you cannot turn it off.

Of course, there are those days that seem like you have no manifesting abilities and are totally missing the secret key to life. Yet, even though it’s dark on one side of the world, that doesn’t mean its dark everywhere. Give yourself twelve little hours of looking within, and your great inner sun is bound to peak out and start shining somewhere.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Manifesting-4-20.jpgAs long as you are alive, your manifesting powers will always be working for you or against you, depending on your level of spiritual advancement. You may be manifesting what you want or what you don’t want and that doesn’t matter as much as looking inside and discovering there is an infinite Spiritual Source of love, creativity, and power within you.

The only thing to do is surrender to this great consciousness since it is your essential nature.

This is the key to unlocking the freedom and bliss found within each of these weekly assignments. Each one is here to rekindle that outrageous manifesting magnet inside, and bring an enlightening approach, bringing you even more consciousness, love, and presence.


Okay, enough for today

Love to hear your feedback on this one

PS. In our next blog post I will share with you a secret to manifesting anything in your life


PPS. How did you do with last week’s exercise?

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