Good Luck Prayer

Good Luck Prayer – Please like this post if you enjoyed it, and do practice this for the next 30 day’s… and be on the lookout for miracles!!!!

The Good Luck Prayer is the only prayer you need to create the unbelievable luck you desire.

In fact, this prayer goes to work immediately to help you become the lucky person you always wanted to be.

How Does It Work?

Well, it’s a secret.

But don’t worry…

I am going to tell you the secret.

Just make sure to keep it to yourself.

(We don’t want anyone thinking you are crazy!) LOL.

The Truth Is…

If most people were told how this prayer really works, they would laugh and say it’s not true.

But I’m here to tell you they are all wrong!

It works 100% of the time. It worked for me, and…


The Secret of Good Luck

The Feeling of Winning!

Are you still with me? GOOD!

Ok, here is the SECRET.

Check this out. It’s All About Feeling.

That’s right. You read it correctly. You have to feel like a big winner in order to become lucky.

Does this sound crazy? Yes! Of course it does. LOL. That’s why it is a secret. So keep it quiet…until you prove it for yourself.

Good Luck Explained

As the feelings of winning sink down into your Subconscious Mind, your luck will immediately begin to improve. It will become noticeable only to you at first.

After a while, friends and family will begin to remark that you are beginning to get very lucky!

“What is so important about feeling like a winner?” you might ask.
Let’s state it again in a simple way.

The Feeling of Winning Attracts Winning

The Good Luck Prayer is powerful, because it creates a FEELING of WINNING.

This is Basic Law of Attraction 101.

What You Feel, You Attract.

Makes sense?


Here is The Good Luck Prayer.

I urge you to find a nice safe place where you can go and not be disturbed; It has to be somewhere where you can freely speak aloud without fear of other people hearing you. Go to that special place where you can add some emotion to your words.

Say it with feeling and reverence, knowing that your Subconscious Mind is responding to your FEELINGS. Good Luck!


The Good Luck Prayer

Dear Father in Heaven. You are the creator of All. I thank you for Life. I thank you for creating me and for creating my Mind. Thank you for giving me the power to choose my own thoughts. Thank you for equipping me with the ability to think, feel and create anything and everything I need and want in this World through the power of my imagination.

Father God, I know that the thoughts and feelings I entertain in my own imagination create and attract their own likeness to me in my Reality. What I express in my Mind and Heart comes back to me multiplied. I now understand clearly and completely that my God-given ability to Imagine and Feel is the greatest gift of all that supplies me with every material benefit.

Because I know by feeling it real I create and attract the events of my life, I honestly admit the TRUTH that things do not just “happen to me.”


I now clearly and unequivocally affirm that the Feeling of Love produces Love.

The Feeling of Wealth and Abundance produces Wealth and Abundance.

The Feeling of Health produces Health.

The Feeling of Success produces Success.

The Feeling of Winning produces Winning and yes, the Feeling of being Lucky produces Luck. In fact, I know that the
Feeling of anything in my Mind produces the very equivalent in my physical environment, therefore I choose to dwell only upon the Lovely, Beautiful and Eternal Truths of God.

Father I now bring to memory all of the times in my life that I won or experienced amazing Success.

I invite into my Mind all of the Joyful times that I was so Blessed and so very Lucky.

These were my life’s greatest moments and they felt so very good. As I draw upon those incredible emotions they are lifting me up.

They are now washing over me and saturating my Mind and Heart with a powerful infusion of Excitement and Joy.

I’m beginning to smile because the Winning Feeling is so awesome. Winning Feels So Good!

Thank you Father! This beautiful Joy is washing over me now like a mighty river of Love, Abundance and Success. It feels so good to be a winner and to be so phenomenal Lucky and Blessed by God.
Wonderful and constant Blessings are flowing to me without ceasing. I am moving onward and upward, constantly Succeeding in all the things I do.

Always Succeeding. Always Winning! I’m Winning so much, my friends and family are beginning to tell me that I appear to be so incredibly Lucky! I am constantly Winning and receiving Abundance and material Blessings in wonderful ways.

As awesome Blessings continue to flow to me, Joy floods my Mind. I Feel it now.

It Feels so good to be so Blessed and to be so very, very Lucky. I am certainly the Luckiest person I know.

Indeed, I am the Luckiest person in the world! I am completely immersed in Joyful, Winning, Successful, Lucky Emotions and it is awesome. This wonderful Feeling of Winning, Succeeding, Loving, and being Blessed has saturated my Heart and I am overcome with Joy! Yes!!!

This Feeling is so Amazing and so Awesome. I am so Lucky to be so Blessed!

Thank you, thank you Father God!


If you said this prayer with the proper amount of emotion, then…

You should feel like this right now.

Yes! Thank You God! It Feels Good To Win!

Let that feeling linger for as long as it pleases you.

You earned it.

Congratulations. You just gave yourself your first LUCK INFUSION.

Repeat once a day for the next month and see for yourself the miraculous changes that come to you from doing this one exercise.

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