Heal your Abundance Energy

have a question for you. Do you think there’s a gap between the life that you “truly” want to live and where you are currently in your life?

If you have answered yes……Have you ever considered what is the real underlying cause for you not achieving the exceptional life that you want?

What I’ve discovered is that most people don’t realise the phenomenal power of “Where the Sacred meets the Secular”

Most people don’t realise the tremendous power they have, that has been given to them by our Creator with the statement….”Nothing they/you imagine is impossible…if only you believe”

You have been conditioned to experience what you currently experience through what you believe. Please remember that a believe is not necessarily the truth, it is only an assumption that becomes your “truth” when you believe it to be the (your) truth!

By changing what you believe, assume to be the truth, you can change your future reality!

Much of my personal Spiritual Journey has been centred on attempting to understand the holistic nature of creation and humanity’s part in the creation. I feel that we are truly on the brink of breaking through or breaking down.

Our collective consciousness will decide which outcomes will result from our brief stay on this planet, and living in the flow of true abundance is, I feel, one way that we can tip the scale in favour of breakthrough and healing on this planet is when we heal our abundance consciousness.

We are living in a time of tremendous change, challenge and opportunity on this great space ship that we inhabit. We are ready to take our place as the conscious brain cells in this organism that we call Earth. Part of this awakening must involve detachment from the viral consumption we have previously enjoyed, and I use the term “enjoy” very loosely!

Our viral consumption is a disease generated within the lower ego, which jealously believes that having more means being more, and that if it can just create enough to fill the black hole where its consciousness resides then it will be happy, aware, and equal to the Divine.

This can never be. To turn this tide of insanity we must become “white holes” spraying our love and consciousness into everything that we create and creating only those things that serve the holy energy of love, which is the frequency set used by the Divine to generate everything in creation.

By being in a state of True Abundance we will be able to change those aspects of ourselves and our societies that are destroying more than they are creating our reality. We can, I believe, heal the Earth and one another and the greater organism of creation by taking our place as mindful beings created from True Abundance.

Abundance is not only a process that will allow you to have more. It is the state of vibration, of emotion and of consciousness that allows you to take your place as a co-creator in a reality that manifests Love by sharing Love and therefore provides for all.

This is deep work and necessary if we are to truly evolve, or even survive. I trust that you will keep this larger vision in your heart as you begin this journey. It is TRULY the most important aspect of this work!

This is an extract from my latest book/course. “Heal your Abundance”

More information on this in our next post’

So…..what do you think, is it possible to heal your “Abundance Consciousness”?

PS. Be on the lookout for our next post where I’l elaborate more on this concept as well as an invite to a special event next week on this subject

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