How to Create your Financial Freedom

Step Into Your True Wealth Identity

Breaking through your Financial Income Ceiling with the One Command

This coming Saturday 08:45 for 09h00 – 12h00 –The opportunity of a life time!!!

Real change starts with your identity – and in this powerful 2-Part presentation, you will learn how to shift your thinking and step into the powerful wealth-creating genius you truly are!

You will learn:

  • What the One Command is
  • What stops you “dead in your tracks” to create financial freedom
  • How to break through your current financial ceiling
  • How to have your ideal clients queuing up to make use of your service
  • How to have all your debtors honouring their debts without you moving a finger …. Really J
  • The difference between “Creating” and “Manifesting”. If you don’t grasp this you will never live you dreams.
  • How to use the One Command not only for financial freedom but for anything you intend to create

Read to the end for your bonuses

See if you can identify with this

Is this you?

  • You’re ready to break through your income limitations
  • Are tired of struggling and want to create more joy, grace, and ease
  • Want clarity on how to achieve your goals & dreams
  • Have clients and make money in their business, but are seriously focused on the extreme financial increase.
  • Are open and willing to learn the RIGHT MINDSET and behaviors that naturally lead to inspired action!
  • Know that every successful wealth-generating business has never accomplished their goals by themselves.
  • And are willing to consistently rise to the new challenge – to overcome limited money ideas and replace them with increased wealth ideas immediately!

“Boy” you are in for a ride if you say yes to this opportunity

This is a very interactive event where we will be addressing your particular goals and challenges.

We are going to go deep, focusing on who you want to be, and how you want to think as a WEALTHY, HAPPY, SUCCESSFUL YOU!

TWO Powerful Sessions

In Session 1, we’ll identify and clear your Money Mindset Blocks, then…

In Session 2, we’ll solidify all the changes you have made by taking you through a deep-level congruency check…and of course, massive Commands all along the way.

Your Investment you choose your donation:

R 300.00 or R600.00 or R900.00

Inclusive of workbook and refreshments

I really can’t make it easier than that  for you J

Venue: 13 Cedar Avenue Clubview x 2 Centurion

Presenter: Ockert Möller

These bonuses are worth well in the excess of R2000.00

Bonus # 1: 5 x Follow up email lessons

  • Day 1: Clarity of Vision
  • Day 2: Alignment to purpose
  • Day 3: Law of Leverage & currencies of wealth
  • Day 4: You are a Master Creator
  • Day 5: Committing to SUCCESS!

Bonus # 2: Mastering your Money Mindset Action Guide

Bonus # 3: Mastering the One Command Process ebook

Bonus # 4: Release your Inner Millionaire – Limiting Beliefs Clearing Kit

The block clearing programs include Twelve CD’s plus Two Bonus Trauma clearing CD’S plus Workbook:

Program 1: Blocks to Becoming a Rich Person  2 x CD’s

We’ll address 74 limiting money beliefs in the first Program

Blocks like:

  • Rich people are greedy
  • Rich people are bad
  • Rich people only care about money
  • Etc:

Program 2: Releasing Poverty Consciousness 2 x CD’s

We’ll address 83 limiting money beliefs in the second Program

Blocks like:

  • I have to be poor to be close to God
  • I have to be poor to get to Heaven
  • I have to be poor or I will go to Hell
  • I have to be poor because I’m being punished
  • Etc

Program 3: Struggle, Sacrifice, and Hard Work 3 x CD’s

We’ll address 98 limiting money beliefs in the third Program

Blocks like:

  • I deserve to struggle
  • I have to struggle because of the economy
  • I have to struggle so my family will be proud of me
  • My life is an endless struggle

Program 4: The True Nature of Money 3 x CD’s

We’ll address 91 limiting money beliefs in the fourth Program

Blocks like:

  • I have to constantly hustle to make money
  • I have to constantly hustle to make money I have to exploit myself to make money
  • Making money is painful
  • I have to have a job to make money
  • I have to hurt others to make money


Program 5: Common Blocks to Prosperity The Be-Do-Have Cycle, Success & Failure and the “Leap of Faith”. 2 x CD’s

We’ll address 66 limiting money beliefs in the Fifth Program

Blocks like:

  • I fear being homeless
  • I fear never making it
  • I fear losing everything
  • I have to have success before I can be successful

Program 6: Trauma Clearing 2 x Bonus CD’s

This trauma clearing program will clear the trauma out of your sub-conscious, using the “Theta Inner Room Healing” technique.

Release Your Inner Millionaire Workbook


  • Chapter 1: The Power of Human Consciousness
  • Chapter 2: Exploring Beliefs
  • Chapter 3:  Muscle Testing and the Subconscious Mind
  • Chapter 4: Your Past does not Equal your Future
  • Chapter 5: A Slave of What?
  • Chapter 6: Co-creating experiences
  • Chapter 7: The Thinker & The Prover
  • Chapter 8: The key!
  • Chapter 9: Flashback!
  • Chapter 10: Your I-Am is God expressed
  • Chapter 11: The Law of Attraction
  • Chapter 12: The Power of the Subconscious Mind
  • Chapter 13: Commanding and Witnessing Lasting Changes
  • Chapter 14: The Answer to the Question
  • Chapter 15: 400 + Limiting Beliefs Uncovered and Changed

You will be REALLY, REALLY “stupid” if you miss this opportunity!!!!

“Hit” reply NOW and book your seat. We can only accommodate 10 people for this course. The bookings will be on a first come first served basis. I will be sending this invite to my data base tomorrow, if you SNOOZE you LOOZE

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Acc Name:   O J Möller

Fin. Inst:       CAPITEC

Branch:         CENTURION

B/code:         470-010

Acc. no:        120-752-8534

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