How to get Rid of Emotional Baggage!

It all starts with a simple choice to reach out to/into a higher power that’s already inside you. “Be ye transformed in your mind so that you can experience the good, acceptable and perfect will of God” Romans 12:2

A miraculous transformation occurs when you realize that every experience is a doorway to the Divine. When you truly accept that all the traumas and dramas in your past are all opportunities to experience higher levels of compassion, you move light years ahead in consciousness. Yes, your soul has signed up to evolve into a higher state of consciousness and one day springboard you into full Enlightenment.

Every traumatic experience you’ve had in your life, your soul has purposely placed it there to open your heart and broaden your awareness.

This is a divinely intelligent Universe you’re living in, have you noticed? There simply is no such thing as a “wrong” experience. Whatever happens to you is a blessing.  Even those painful memories you have in your past, each one is there for only one purpose; to instigate a step towards a higher level of consciousness and transform your heart in the most profound way. Yes, every harsh experience in life contains a potentially enlightening epiphany within it.

Everyone is given the exact experiences their soul needs to awaken from this Maya (dream world/elution) and be completely liberated from the “karmic baggage” they’ve been dragging around for lifetimes.

Any situation that triggers you is a good pointer as to where you’re still enslaved in an old fear based pattern. Whenever you repeatedly act out of fear, being defensive, judgmental or resistant you are missing the point. Each experience in life an opportunity to let in love and receive the healing you need. The very instant you notice a contracted feeling arising inside, choose to accept it and embrace it. Play the role of allowing and acknowledging what is.

You’ll become freer faster than you imagined was possible! It’s much better than getting ensnared in playing another angry victim role.

You are here to learn how FUN and easy it is to love, heal yourself, and truly be empowered in this life. A word of warning though, acknowledging does not mean accepting, the moment you accept something in your life it will stick around until you ‘un-accept’ it. We as humans tolerate way to many ‘things’ in our lives

Emotional suffering is always self-inflicted when you look at the roots of its manifestation. When you realize you are 100% responsible for the limiting beliefs you have about the world, yourself and everyone in it, you are empowering yourself with the ability to change. This instigates a new compassion inside you and you spiritually start growing!

For example, if you are blaming another person for “making you feel upset” about something, you first need to realize that nobody can make you feel anything you don’t want to or CHOOSE to feel that feeling.  You can always choose to respond from the higher place of compassion and love…always. That of course is the “Law of Choices”

Every negative reaction you have is like an S.O.S. message the ego sends out as a desperate attempt to find love, power or healing.

Look inside and notice right now if you’re carrying an emotional burden about something from the past. It may feel like a heavy weight, or an annoyance on your chest, a bit of fear, lack or limitation each time you think about it. Just feel it and let it go. Holding onto any sort of baggage can be hard to see, that is why we have 7 billion other mirrors all around the planet. When that certain someone comes around (like mom, dad, or your sibling) who knows how to instantly push your buttons with one little comment, the buried pain rises to the surface to be fully revealed and seen.

These beings are the ones who will help you transform from being a victim of your life, to the compassionate master. The secret is having enough awareness to know what limiting thoughts you’re still holding onto.

When you become emotionally responsible for your every experience then you cannot become a victim to your life or anybody’s negativity again. If you give someone the power to upset you it only means that this person is your teacher who is here to empower you to spiritually grow beyond your ego’s limitations.

Love is always beyond your wildest imagination.

The moment a potential painful comment is said, you have the choice to take it on or let in the love and let it all go!  When you can practice choosing to either let things go or take them on, you empower you, and get your power back. When you can let people’s defeating words glide right off your chest it, its the first step to mastering your mind, heart, soul and finding true inner peace within you.

Make time everyday to rest deeply inside your being. There is a place of deep compassion inside you where that can free your mind from any suffering instantly.

This self loving habit can stop the mind and its addiction to drama and its karmic impulses. With self love you’ll be able to see, smell and feel the divine truth of who and what you are. You can see through the illusion of separateness and realize we are all one. This is where the inner battle ends and divine pure awareness begins. You then take center stage in your life and are liberated from ever becoming stuck in a performance where you’re playing out that old suffering (VICTIM) scene once again.

You Can Stop Struggling and Start Living the Abundant Magical Life that You Are Here to Live!

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Talk to you again soon.

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