How to Hack your Reality!

Discover how to “Hack your Reality”

Can you still remember the question I asked you few days ago……?

Why are the Jews some of the wealthiest and most influential people the world have ever known?

Did you know that through the ages, a certain group of ‘superhuman’ people have been able to bend the rules of reality as if it was a melting spoon?

The famed inventor Nikola Tesla, for instance, never made love to a woman… because he used all his sexual energy to supercharge his creativity and productivity.

And then you have his bitter rival Thomas Edison – who would take multiple naps a day, not to rest… but to achieve a particular state of consciousness known as hypnagogia, where inspiration and creativity dramatically swells.

And that’s just a tiny example of how many unusually successful people are quietly harnessing specific techniques that allow them to tap into forces, abilities and powers beyond most people’s understanding…

And gain an ‘unfair advantage’ over everyone else.

I call this phenomenon ‘Hack your Reality’.

Starting tomorrow I am going show you step by step how to start doing exactly that…..”Hack your current Reality”.

This all starts with understanding the “Moses Code on Steroids” AKA. ““ehye asher ehye” or “I am, that I am, that I will be”

Once you grasp this principle you will be able to…….at last, start living by design, instead of default.

I’ll be sharing some of it with you tomorrow.

Okay, enough for today, big hugs!

Love to hear your feedback on this one 🙂

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