How to let Go of the Illusionary Storm!

b2ap3_thumbnail_Blog-1--2_20150330-051825_1.jpgIf I did not learn this one exercise many years ago I would not have made through one of the darkest nights of my soul!

The mind often acts like a storm of energy and information spewing out all sorts of thoughts and ideas about “the world”. It can make the world around you seem chaotic, exciting, boring, or waaaay too much to handle.

Your mind is like an overused machine that never gets a break and is always very, very busy. All day long it’s spinning around its thoughts, chattering 1000 kilometres an hour about this and that. It’s as if your mind is caught in its own cranks, wheels and gears, spinning in the same patterns for years that it once created.

If you are caught in the whirling mind, these turbulent thoughts can make your life appear as if it is off course. It can feel like you are being tossed in many different directions as your mind can throw out random harsh thoughts at you like: “Hurry up! Why did you say that? You don’t have time for this! Get a real life! Why did you mess that up? Get back to work. What am I having for dinner?”

The mind can be rude, mean and make you feel inadequate. It can take you down these roads of thinking that can make you think there is no happiness inside.

Living in the mind is utterly, truly and completely exhausting.


“Find the centre of the cyclone of life and you’ll discover deep profound peace.”


It’s a good thing that there are many ways to get off. With each of these thoughts slamming into you, you may notice that you have the choice to react to them or just watch them sail by. By reacting to all of the crazy mind chatter, you will be thrown back into the tornado of life.

If you choose instead to “sit back” from your mind, become the observer, you will discover that you can create a comfortable distance from every thought that passes by. Finding this observer in you is where you become the master of the winds of your psyche. Set the intention right now to recognize the personal nature of your typical storm.

You may notice what are the concerns, responsibilities, and fears created by your mind, and how they are truly an illusion. There is really nothing that has to be done. You are connected with Existence and that is enough. You don’t have to do anything or be someone special to continue to exist.

Your mind may believe that something important needs to get done, or else you will die. Yet, this is the type of fear-based thinking that creates those 300 hundred mile hour winds and a hurricane lifestyle.

The truth is that you are complete, whole, and truly perfect exactly as you are NOW in this very moment. You don’t have to do a thing to be “perfect”. You were born Divine. No matter what happens in the chaotic outer world, your divine inner nature will always remain untouched, undamaged, and complete.

Believe this for 24 hours and see what happens.


Yes, you no longer have to suffer in this storm. You can find the oasis of calm that lies at the middle of each moment. The secret is to learn how to quiet the mind and reconnect with your Divine Nature. The easiest way to do this is to remain present to what is.

This can be mastered through learning meditation.

The more you meditate, the more you realize that you are not your mind, and that you are infinite and untouched by any winds blowing around you. Practicing meditation means simply sitting in silence, watching the crazy mind chatter as it comes and goes.

It is like sitting and watching the distant clouds move across a peaceful blue sky background. Your true eternal essence is the blue sky and your thoughts are the clouds.

The more you observe these thoughts without buying into them or getting caught up in them, the more you detach and find this vast infinite stillness inside of you. Over time, you will be able to recognize the silliness of getting caught in the mind and become truly freed from its grasp. It will be a glorious day when you remain centred no matter what crazy storm is brewing around you.

If you’ve tried meditating and it just hasn’t “worked for you” then try a different way of meditating. Slow down whatever action you’re doing and be more present to the experience. You can do a walking meditation, eating meditation, drinking meditation (non-alcohol of course), showering meditation, or even doing the dishes meditation!

Don’t give up on training your mind to find peace inside. It will be worth everything in the end. If you have become soooooo fixated on your thoughts that slowing down doesn’t work, then it’s time to use stronger disciplinary measures.


Your Awaken to Oneness Assignment:


Several times a day at random this week try this mind stopping experiment. Take a deep breath into your body (it’s okay to take a deep breath right now) and before you exhale whisper the message “STOP” into your mind. Release the breath and then let your body become solid and completely still like a stone statue.

Let the breathing slow way down to where you may even stop breathing for a few moments and explore this stillness. Show the mind that you are the boss here and let the frozen-like energy cease all physical activity inside. When the body finds stillness, the mind will soon follow.

Just let everything come to a complete halt and bring your attention inside on WHO or WHAT is looking. While it may take only 30 seconds or more to find the calm present eternal observer, these moments are worth the price of finding peace in the centre of your cyclone.


Okay, enough for today.

Love to hear your feedback on this one

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