How to Replace Worry with Wonder

b2ap3_thumbnail_Brain-_20150414-054223_1.jpgHow often do you worry about your future? You may not be aware of it, yet the act of worrying is one of the BIGGEST energy drains people have that stops them from manifesting the life of their dreams.

Worry is a lot like T.V, in that the worried mind-set will pull you in and entertain you for hours, days, years, and yes even lifetimes! Worrying is praying for what you don’t want to manifest, and is exactly how you create what you don’t want in your life.

If you are always putting energy into what you DON’T want to happen, how much energy is left to meditate on and FEEL what you DO want? When we spend our time hoping and wishing that we don’t experience something, the Universe just hears that as something you really need to experience.

Worry stems from not trusting your personal connection to the Universe. It is created from being attached to some positive and negative idea about a future situation. The mind is attached to the thought that it will not happen the way you think it should.

Worrying is living in a “what if” state of mind that is visualizing what you DON’T want to experience, instead of what you DO! When you are worried, you have stopped appreciating, trusting and are focusing on fear. What might or might not occur is ultimately up to the Universe in the end, and our main job is to raise our vibration so that we do our little part in making the planet a more enjoyable place, and inadvertently attracting the highest possible people and situations into our lives.

Worry is caused from a lack of consciousness, which can be shifted with a little mental discipline and focus. When worrying, the reins on the mind are too tight on fear and too loose on love. The mental horses of the mind run wild when worry is present and you end of getting pulled down roads you never wanted to go down. If you have been practicing the fine art of worrying for years, you may be numb to passion, pleasure, and freedom, and have become a worry-zombie!


“You are neither consciousness nor its content. You are the timeless source…the supreme reality. Trust that.” -Nisargadatta

To step out of the zombie-zone you simply need to do one thing, pull back on the reins of your mind. Steer those addicted horses back to your pleasure pastures by staying focused on TRUST and feeling the positive outcome you really want.

You’ll soon find that the mind is much happier, and its worried approach to living will leave your life’s stable.

The Universe knows what it is doing. It is divinely intelligent and vastly creative.

What if the future was 100% perfect exactly as it showed up and there was nothing you could do about it? What if you could see the bigger picture of the next 100 years of your life and know that there was absolutely nothing you needed to change for it to learn what your soul came here to learn? How would it feel if you could surrender to trusting the future all the time?

It is up to you to let go and experience trust for yourself and this Divine cosmic play called life.

When you let go and trust what is and what will be, magical things begin to happen. The Universe (don’t be confused, it’s always God through the universe) will start answering your every request because you are in alignment with what is, instead of trying to change, control or conquer what is destined to be.

The mind is too small of a container to understand how everything is predestined, and yet we have the free will to change our immanent future. The future is not set in stone, it is written in the sand, which ironically is what allows the mind to experience the energy of worry in the first place. If everything was set in stone, there would be no way we could grow and have the grand experience of shifting from love to fear.

If you are ready to step permanently out of worry mode in your life, take an honest deep look inside yourself and SEE what your personal worry issues are usually around. Why are you so attached to THESE issues and not the other issues?


Get curious about the subtleties of this attachment and simply notice how it feels to be attached. The next step is replacing worry with wonder, and being curious about what these hurting parts inside you truly need. After you find out what they are missing (love, trust, appreciation, gentleness etc), then let them feel what they need. Feel a sense of wonder inside about everything inside you.

Constantly refocus your mind on being curious about what it discovers is true and real. Every time the mind goes into worry, automatically replace it with wonder. Implement this simple switch the instant you begin worrying, and your life will become absolutely wonder-full!


Your Awaken to Oneness Assignment:


This week, choose one of your main worries to replace with wonder. Right now, write down your top 3 biggest worries in life. Then write down three new statements that flip these worries upside-down by implanting the energy of “wonder”.

For instance, if you are worried about making enough money to cover your bills, you might say, “I wonder how the money I need this month is going to show up.” Practice saying these wonderful sentences to yourself (and out loud) anytime you start to worry.

Get curious about what fearful future you’re running from and find out what it’s like to be at peace EVEN if that future should occur. Focus your mind on the expansive feelings of peace, trust and relaxation anytime you get caught in fearful future mode. Life is definitely FULL of surprises and it will give you the greatest gifts that you could ever desire if you remain curious and open.


Okay, enough for today.

Love to hear your feedback on this one


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