How to Stop Worrying and Start Trusting

If you worry you die, if you don’t worry you die….so why worry


b2ap3_thumbnail_worry-2--20.jpgWhenever you don’t allow yourself to trust the process of life, you tend to cling to it all along the way. Worrying is the mind attempting to NOT create what it doesn’t want, by obsessing about what it doesn’t have or want.

This unconscious spin cycle is exactly how you manifest MORE of what you don’t want, and is one of the greatest ways to drain your Manifesting Vibration. If you always think about what you DON’T want to happen, how much energy is left to focus on what you DO want?

You may have noticed that your mind can become fixated on certain thought patterns and get wrapped around one little idea about what it doesn’t want to occur.

It unconsciously creates this repetitive mini-futuristic fear that we often refer to as “worrying”. The mind tends to obsess, dwell and get hooked into whatever it thinks it HAS TO have to be happy, loved, free, important, rich etc…It especially becomes wrapped around those things it believes it cannot have.

“You cannot be happy with a serious mind. With a festive mind, you can be happy. Take this whole life as a myth, as a story. It is one, but once you take it this way you will not be unhappy.” ~ Osho

So, if your mind naturally is an obsess-a-holic, why not fixate it on FEELING what it’s like to manifest your dream life!

Being caught in the worry habit is a lot like a couch potato stuck in the deepest crevice of the couch. They are watching some completely ridiculous re-run on TV yet cannot find the motivation, desire or creativity to get out of their cozy sink hole and do anything new or different.

b2ap3_thumbnail_worry-4--20.jpgThe worried mindset can take you into its hypnotic inner TV and entertain you for hours, days, years, and even lifetimes! It feeds on your fear that if you let go of control, stop clinging and start trusting life then the worst possible thing that you don’t want to happen…will suddenly happen!

The truth is that clinging to anything in life just perpetuates the manifestation of more stagnation and causes a deeper anxiety to take root inside you. The only way out is to let go and trust the divine intelligence within life. Once you do, you’ll be free to feel everything that arises from a place of non-attachment, and instantly shift your vibration to being completely worry-free.

You can easily create anything you want in life with Trust. When you deeply trust that all of your desires will manifest at the perfect time, they simply do. Timing is everything for the soul. When you let go of your ego’s agenda, you realize there was nothing to worry about in the first place.

Everything is always taken care of in your life. The soul has a much bigger plan. All that it takes is going within and allowing the Universe to support you in making your every desire blossom into reality.

The more you go inside and access the infinite Divine consciousness that you truly are, the easier it is to naturally live from a state of trust. As you continue to explore your Divine nature and dive deeper into the truth of who (and what) you truly are, you will start to feel greater waves of trust wash over and through you.

It is impossible for you to worry when you remember that you are an infinite and timeless being because you know that nothing outside of you can hurt or impact you negatively.

Trust is inherently a natural part of you. You were born to trust. As a baby that is all that you knew how to do. You didn’t know doubt or worry.

The most primal parts of your Self always trusted what was happening and knew that everything was perfect. It was only when your ego-mind started claiming the Kingdom that you started falling prey to the illusions of worry.

Right now in your life, what is the thing that you spend the most time worrying about? Decide right now to shift from worrying about this issue to completely trusting. Each time you find yourself worrying about this particular issue, simply notice WHERE this experience is occurring (between your ears) and relax.

Notice how perfect the present moment is, and how there is really nothing to worry about.

b2ap3_thumbnail_worry-5-20.jpgBe aware of the worry habit, yet don’t buy into it. It is one of the most overlooked destructive habits that leak your precious energy away from enjoying life and living out your mission. What causes worry to happen in the first place is that the mind simply lacks mental discipline, intention, and focus.

Imagine that the worrying mindset is like a herd of wild untrained horses running out of control in a small tight corral. The more undisciplined these horses are, the more frustrated they become in the corral.

The problem here is not that these crazy horses are galloping everywhere out of fear, the real issue is that YOU choose to follow them. When the reins on the mind are too tight or too loose, this herd will not listen and trample all over you.

They’ll stomp all over feelings, your desires, relationships and leave your life dreams far behind in the dust. The only way is to lasso the entire herd and teach them to become more conscious. The golden key to consciousness is trust.

If you have been wrestling with your inner herd for years, you may feel defeated and have become a worry-zombie. This is someone who is numb to lighter thoughts, abundant consciousness, and outrageous pleasure. If this sounds at all like you, it’s time to take that first step out of the zombie-zone, lasso the herd’s stallion and grab onto the reins!

Steer your herd back out into the pleasure pastures so that they can relax into the positive feelings and thoughts that make your heart sing! When your horses drink one gulp from the river of bliss or gallop through fields of gold, you’ll win their respect and be free from your inner worry corral forever.

To get your horses into the pleasure pastures, you’ll need to take them through the Trust Stable. Here is where you’ll harness trusting reins over your entire herd. First let them know we are all heading off to the Trust Stable. Let them know that they don’t have a choice in the matter. Steer each thought one-by-one out of the worry corral and into the Trust Stable, and gently groom them.

Give them all the love and attention they deserve. Close the worry gate behind you, and do not open them again. After you get every wild beast in the Trust Stable you will soon be entering the expansive free open pleasures pasture beyond.

Spend as much time as you can each day caressing everyone in your Trust Stable.

This will be your new home and will empower you from slipping back into worry corral in the future. There is no room for the vibration of worry when you are bathing every beastly thought with trusting feelings. Trust is the exact opposite vibration of worry. When you are practicing trust, it becomes truly impossible for anyone to enter the worry corral again. All the thoughts that you had about tomorrow or yesterday don’t become sooooo important.

You simply trust each moment of existence, consistently letting go of ideas about the future and past. In your Trust Stable, you are relaxing into the perfection of each thought, reconnecting each one with its true infinite nature.

Whisper to your horses, it’ll help you FEEL the trusting connection with your herd. Every day that you abide in your Trust Stable, you’ll gather more trusting energy until everyone can trot around the pleasure pastures freely all day long.

In this field of joyous energy, your whole vibration will go beyond having another worried thought again. Even after you’ve entered your pleasure pastures many times, continuously return to your Trust Stable. After enough time resting there, your herd will start offering its many gifts of gratitude to you.

One of the greatest gifts you’ll receive is KNOWING that the Universe is always supporting you in manifesting whatever you heart deeply desires.

Through trust you tap into your natural manifesting power. Whatever you focus on is where your herd pulls together and works toward manifesting. When you live with trust as the core foundational energy in your heart, where every thought you think comes from this source of trust, then you’ll become unstoppable in your life.

When you are fully committed to starting each of your days in your Trust Stable, you will naturally realize the powerful manifesting being that you are. Life will simply become easier for you have taken back the reins. You will see and feel how ludicrous it was to worry about anything at all.

There will be more peace, love and abundance discovered and felt everywhere you saunter. Below are three powerful techniques that will train your horses and transform your life forever.


  1. Practice Stopping Your Herd.

b2ap3_thumbnail_worry-7-20.jpgStart with making the choice to get your wild horses under control. Let them know they are no longer in charge. The easiest way to start this training is with a pattern interrupt like saying, “STOP” or “WHOA” to these horses the very instant they take off into the worry corral.

It’s best to whisper this out-loud to your self if possible in order to really grab their attention.

By using anger or aggression they may become more feisty and rebellious, yet with gentleness you will actually command your entire inner herd. This is the secret to becoming a true horse whisperer; loving kindness and gentleness. Use this technique and these horses will perk their ears up and listen!

The softer, more loving and gentle your whisper is, the more they want to pay attention. This is what they were running around worried about not finding in the first place.

They were always in search of true security and love. You can give it to them with a sweet calming voice and trust in your heart. Even if you stop one wild horse in one situation for one moment, you are successful! Soon the rest will follow and you will have stopped them from trampling all over your life.


2. Entice your Herd to Relax Into The Now.


On some lazy afternoon you can lure your horses out for a cool drink in the relaxing stream of consciousness.

Simply go for a nice slow stroll so as to bring them into the present moment. By focusing everyone upon what is “Now” you will help your inner horses to unwind, take a breather, and rest in the pleasure pastures with the cozy green grass beneath their bellies. They naturally love enjoying the peace and sublime perfection of this glorious moment of existence, so guide them into it!

When they get truly curious about the levels of enjoyment that are available in this Divine moment, they will stop prancing around and become relaxed and at ease.

A great technique to create curiosity is asking questions like, “What is really happening in the Universe right now?” When they stop to ponder this question, check in with your experience. Ask yourself, “What am I feeling right now? What am I experiencing now? What do I see, hear, smell, taste and sense right now?”

Anytime an overly mental or emotional horse begins to wander away, gently redirect it back to the experience of resting in this cozy present moment.


3. Turn up the Heat in your Trust Stable.

b2ap3_thumbnail_worry-8-1.jpgMake time everyday to go inside and turn up your trust value so that it’s impossible not to feel it. Increase the levels of trust around specific issues in your life that challenge you the most.

Sometimes it’s about cranking up the heat and sweating out the old toxic emotions until there is nothing left. Allow your mind to focus on the energy of trust as much as possible. Imagine how you could trust yourself in the worst possible circumstances. Apply this to your personal life and relationships, and soon the heat inside your Trust Stable will be as sweet and easy as a warm cozy campfire.

b2ap3_thumbnail_25263099-next-week-coming-soon-near-future-agenda-time-schedule-calendar.jpgYour Awaken to Oneness Assignment:


Every morning take 5 minutes to do this exercise before you get out of bed, and 5 minutes again at the end of your day.

Imagine that you have a “Trust Thermostat” in the middle of your chest that measures how much you trust yourself, other people, and this highly intelligent Universe. This thermostat has 10 settings on it.

The number 10 is the most trusting level, and the number 1 setting is completely closed and lacking trust. Get a sense right now of where your trust is at right now. You may notice on your thermostat is a “Trust Dial” where you can adjust the level of trust your body experiences. Slowly begin to open your trust valve and let in more and more trust.

Turn it up until you feel warm expansive feelings on the inside and outside your heart. Notice what happens when you increase the level of trust in your heart what happens all throughout your body.

No matter how long it takes you, keep increasing your trust meter until it is completely open at a perfect 10! Inhale and exhale at 100% trust many times and notice what this feels like. Pay attention to how good it is to let go of controlling your outer world and trusting that the Universe is helping you manifest all your desires now and forever.

Then, randomly throughout the day, check in with your trust meter and adjust to 100% anytime it drops. If your trust valve gets stuck at a lower level, try repeating this trust mantra for 15 minutes while breathing deeply, “Trusting My Self & The Loving Universe”.

Repeating this message over and over will eventually expand your heart to experience a greater level of trust. Enjoy!


Okay, enough for today.

Love to hear your feedback on this one


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