Lack is the greatest evil that mankind has to contend with!

The Moses Code on Steroids –

Astonishing Life Changing Secrets of the Richest, Most Powerful, Most Successful…..and most HAPPIEST People on earth!!!!!!

And in a matter of moments you are going to discover why this dusty old sphinx

Holds the SECRET to you living the rest of your life in LUXURY!

Believe it or not…. This dusty old Sphinx is the ANSWER to your

And exploding your personal fortune beyond your wildest dreams!

Brings us to the………The Riddle of the Sphinx?

“WHAT is it,” asked the Sphinx, “that walks on four legs in the morning, on two legs at noon and on three legs in the evening?” And all who passed her way had to answer that question – or be devoured!
That was the Riddle of the Sphinx in the old days. But the riddle that modern man has is much more difficult and……..more scary than the riddle of the Sphinx.

The Riddle that Modern man has to Solve is………

“How can I earn more money? How can I make enough to get the necessities and the comforts of life to which my family and I are entitled?” “How can I be happy, and healthy, wealthy and healed? How can I improve my daily experiences of life?”

That is the eternal question which confronts you and will haunt you every day until you solve it. That is the present-day Riddle of the Sphinx that devours all who fail to answer it.

Because lack is the greatest evil that mankind has to contend with.

Yet when you look around you the only thing that there are is “abundance”.

If you truly look with an eye of understanding you will see abundance wherever you look.

There’s not only one leaf on a tree, nor one grain of sand in the desert or one drop of water in the ocean. Of course I can go on and on but you do catch my drift don’t you?  ……

So if you want to…….

Shake off wealth-destroying bad habits like fear, procrastination and greed.

And crippling problems like compounding debt…

A growing stack of bills you just can’t afford to pay.

Staying stuck in a soul-sapping stagnant career…

Being unable to do what you want with your life (or even what you NEED), because you don’t have enough cash…

Feeling a sense of fear and lack every time you even think about money……….

Or even just being financially STUCK, and feeling like you’ll never see the light at the end of the suffocating tunnel…

Or even just being financially STUCK, and feeling like you’ll never see the light at the end of the suffocating tunnel…

All these problems will disappear FOREVER… Just by saying the right words.

Let me give you a hint on those words….. “Aum Ahye Ashur Ahye”

You can read all about the power of…..“Aum Ahye Ashur Ahye” in your downloadable free report by the end of this week.

But for now let me give you an example of the power of these spoken words.

We’ve turned into scientists by doing the following experiment, you cantry it for yourself.

Instructions: Plant two beans in each of the 6 slots of every egg carton (3 cartons), and place it in a place where it has some sun and shade during the day.

Place one carton on your left on the Sri Yantra, put another carton about 50 centimetres to the right of the Sri Yantra on the laminated “I love you, I bless you” A4 paper, and another carton about 50 centimetre to the right of that one on the laminated “I hate you, I curse you” A4 paper

Water the plants every couple of days. Just water the beans on the Sri Yantra; for the beans that you put on the “I love you, I bless you”, make the following conscious intention (while you focus on it) as often as possible, but at least once a day, especially when you water the seeds: With my innate energy, I bless this beans I love you, you beautiful beans. (Or something to that effect)

For the beans that you put on the “I hate you, I curse you”, make the following conscious intention (while you focus on it) as often as possible, but at least once a day, especially when you water the seeds: With my innate energy, I hate this beans I curse you, you ugly beans. (Or something to that effect)

Write down your observations for the next fourteen days. Viola – by the end of the fourteen days, you should see evidence that your intention has manifested.

This was our feedback:

We’ve put the first set of beans on a picture of the Sri Yantra.

The second set of beans we blessed and wrote underneath it I love you.

The third set of beans we cursed and wrote underneath it I hate you.

Everyday when we watered the beans, the beans on the Sri Yantra was just watered.

We blessed the second set of beans and chanted the words.

“Aum Ahye Ashur Ahye”  …..and a few more,…which I’ll share with you once we are inside the program
The third set of beans we cursed and said, you ugly beans, you are bad, you will never grow.

14 days later the results were starting to show.

We concluded our experiment on the 21st day proving beyond a shadow of doubt that this program work
And guess what the first two set of beans ….flourished, and the last one set of beans were actually…..dying. I’ll show you some pictures of this in our next post.

Now with that in mind.

If I told you that I can change your financial DNA……. Like we did for the beans

In the next 40 day’s

Would you take it?

If I told you that you can finally break free from debt…

And be propelled almost effortlessly towards a lifetime of true wealth

Just by following a few simple steps…….and saying a few words

Would you do it?

Maybe….. You are thinking…that sounds impossible

Well, buckle up, fasten your safety belt, hold onto your hat….the train is about to leave the station.

And… we go!


Yes, I know you are sceptical….you’ve heard big claims being made before and they did not pan out.

I get it!

If you are anything like I was….
Frustrated that there never seem to be enough…month left at the end of money.

That your dreams of retirement are fading…..and your expenses keep on going up.

Some of you are carrying debts you can’t ever seem to shake….

Others have started businesses that keep on flopping….

Or they succeeded and wind up being just as much work as your old job……

You secretly ask yourself……

Is this it!

Is this what the rest of my life is going to look like?

I get it!

You know deep inside that… unless something big changes…..

This is exactly what the rest of your life is going to look like….

If you can relate to that.

I have some very good news for you!

The answer to all of this….

Can be unlocked from three great men who once walked on this planet we call home….

One of them was a King, the wealthiest man the world has known.

The other two……a secret soon to be revealed…..

What separates you from a Bill Gates………?

Or a Richard Branson?

Is this SECRET…….

The reason that the rich get richer and the poor…stays poor?

I’ve travelled to far and ancient countries in search of this SECRET.

What I discovered ……. Changed my entire life!

The very secret that you are about to learn…..

You’ll be shocked to discover that there’s actually a “SECRET’ behind the secret……..

That’s been kept from the masses…..

I’ve walked in the shoes of the ancient ‘magicians’ and boy I was astonished to discover the secrets that they used are still applied today by a certain elite group of people to create …….. MIRACLES

If they can….so can you

You do want to create miracles…don’t you!

Well allow me to share my journey with you and also the SECRETS that I discovered!

Be warned however….if you are closed in your own concept of truth these SECRETS……will not….cannot be revealed to you!

Okay, enough for today, see you in the next post where I’ll start sharing more of these “secrets” with you.

Love to hear your feedback on this one…………

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