Learn How to Become a Channel of Abundance

If you really want to express abundance then there are three things that’s a pre-requisite.


  1. Awareness: You must become aware of all the abundance around you. As a matter of fact abundance is all there is.
  2. Associate: You have to associate with the abundance. Abundance is your birthright
  3. Conviction: You have to have a conviction if other people can have abundance then so can you. God does not have favorites

Abundance is the inherent nature of the Universe. We live in a truly abundant Universe where there is a plethora of things, ideas, love, money, friends, and opportunities all around us. Even though you may not feel it all the time, this abundant Universe is always available to you right now. You need not search for abundance outside of yourself.


It is a state of being that can only be found from the journey within. The Universe is always sending you loads of good energy, new ideas, and people to help you tap into FEELING this natural abundant state.

“The journey to financial freedom starts the minute you decide you were destined for prosperity not scarcity – for abundance, not lack.” ~Mark Victor Hansen

To experience this abundance, simply let go of trying to achieve it, trust it is here now and gently practice receiving it.


The word “abundance” comes from the Latin root meaning “to move in waves, undulate and flow.” This means that to tap into abundance is to let yourself move, undulate and flow with life. Become like the natural waves in the ocean and surrender to this water-like flow of energy inside you. Your real life is like a dancing river of energy that will continue on well after your body is gone.

To tap into this sweet fluidity inside, find your breath and align yourself with its movement. It will lead you directly into the abundant flow that’s here now.

If you truly want to become a massive channel of abundance, then only pay attention to what you are grateful and thankful for. The more gratitude you have, the more abundance you’ll attract. Demanding energy only creates more poverty consciousness and lack of things to be grateful for.

“What we believe to be true moves through the lens of our mind as living energy and become the reality of our lives. If we believe ourselves to be limited, we get to be right about that — but it is not our ultimate truth.”

~Mary Manin Morrissey


1. Drop your Shields and Embrace Your Abundant Nature

The secret to feeling your abundant nature right now is to remove the walls blocking you from it. These walls are shields protecting your heart from getting hurt, conned, deceived or abandoned again. Remove any shielding around your heart and imagine tossing it into a great bonfire. Let your armor melt away. If the shielding feels like it is still there or coming back, simply invite the fire inside of you to consume your heart and any walls it has.

Breathe deeply and physically open your arms wide, inviting this fiery purification to remove all defenses from your life.

When you feel that all shields are removed, with several deep breaths, imagine pulling EVERYTHING in the entire Universe into your heart. All creation is pouring into your heart; the stars, planets, Earth, and all beings. Feel how truly abundant life really is!


2. Proclaim you are an Abundant Being.

One of the best ways to remain in the flow of abundance is to practice knowing that you are an abundant infinite being that will never die. Since abundance is a flow of highly charged positive infinite energy, the more you open up, feel this energy, and share it with others, the more you will naturally feel this abundance inside yourself.

In the past you may have partially closed the door to feeling this abundance due to past conditioning or scarcity thinking. To truly break this old programming, for 5 minutes a day, do this exercise: Imagine opening your attention to all that surrounds you.

Tune into the abundance of things, nature, and people on the planet who are creating everything for you. They are giving you food, water and all the pleasures that come with living in society. Feel this abundance of support around you now, letting it touch your very core. Let in the abundance of joy, pleasure, opportunities, and laughter into your heart. You are already blessed and will always be blessed by the abundance of the Universe.

Consciously open the door now, and proclaim the truth to the Universe by stating, “I am a truly abundant being!” Shout this message out over and over (internally and externally) until you feel that it has penetrated deeply into your soul.


3. Become a Channel of Love for Others.

You can instantly become a channel for the highest vibration in the Universe (love) by gifting your time spontaneously to someone who needs it. Here are a few ideas to get you going. Give a hug to someone lacking love, share new inspirational ideas with others, email someone this inspiring information, give presents to people just for fun, and share something beautiful you have created like music or poetry.

You’ll spontaneously feel better when you reconnect with this joy of giving freely. Just imagine what your world will be and feel like when everybody FEELS that there is an abundance of love, money, energy, and joy to share freely. Be the first to start the trend!

All greed, fear, and lack will be eliminated when we all share freely from this truly abundant state. It will be impossible to feel poor at the end of the day having given your love and light away.


4. Do a Random Act of Kindness Everyday.

We invite you to do something sweet, kind or super nice for someone (anyone) every day of the week. This one thing will cause you to step into being that bright guiding light of abundant being that you are. Perhaps it is sending someone a $5 bill, helping an elderly lady cross the street, paying someone else’s toll, or mowing your neighbor’s lawn.

Practice giving something to everyone that you meet. Maybe it’s a smile, a compliment or a flower. If perhaps you feel shy, and cannot do it for them, then do it for yourself. This is an opportunity to stop playing the small selfish game, and start feeling more loving, abundant and free!

There are endless ways to share this kindness inside you and each one will reveal this feeling of abundance inside. You’ll soon see how easy it is to become a channel for abundance in your life.


Your Manifesting Assignment:

Gratitude is the golden key to swimming in the grand abundant river of life. When you start becoming a gratitude-a-holic, you become a channel of abundant flowing feelings for yourself, and everyone around you. Take 3 minutes each morning, the moment you wake up and focus on the feelings of gratitude.

What amazing things are you thankful for? Let a wellspring of thankfulness, relief and joy to flow all over your body and inside you. Practice mastering gratitude this week by implementing the four exercises above in any way you can.

Practice which will help you tap into your natural ability to channel abundance into your life and into the lives of others.


Love to hear your feedback on this one

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