Learn How to Let Go of Overwhelm and Relax Deeply

Do you ever feel a bit over-stimulated and overwhelmed by the complicated fast paced systems we are all operating within?


As you may realize, we are living in very exciting times that can be a bit too much to digest. The world and its consciousness are changing faster than ever before and sometimes our minds have trouble navigating these changes. The good news is that YOU have a choice.


You don’t have to let chaotic feelings of overwhelm rule your existence. You can learn how to let go, relax, and remain receptive to what life has to offer you.

You can choose to refocus your energies on what is healing and create a more relaxed and enjoyable way of living that deeply nourishes your body, mind, and soul. It’s good to know that we humans can ONLY reap the richest and most fulfilling rewards life has to offer when we are living life from a relaxed, centered, and peaceful place.


To transcend something, it helps to better understand it. So what really causes overwhelm? It first originates from those deeper beliefs that say that we “should or shouldn’t” be experiencing something, and we judge the experience that we are having.

“Stillness is the greatest achievement one can have in life.” ~Papaji

Overwhelm can often contain this internalized time pressure from “deadlines” that YOU (not your boss) have placed on yourself. This means you choose to have too much to do in too little time. This is all about over promising to ourselves and under delivering. If you continue buying into all the things your mind says you HAVE TO do, and how everything MUST be done as soon as possible, happiness can seem like an impossible dream.

If you believe in all the ideas that your mind is constantly spinning around you like a spider web, you will start feeling trapped in your life.


Thoughts are harmless in themselves. It is when you latch onto your thoughts like a life preserver and believe that they are the true reality of your existence, that suffering is created in your world. If you are constantly chasing the illusions of your mind, you will simply end up tired, frustrated, and overwhelmed.


The mind has been programmed to endlessly search, seek, and pillage to find happiness, fulfillment, and abundance in the outer world. This constant search will never satisfy you and can only bring exhaustion. This is the perfect experience so you will retire the mind and discover the infinite Spiritual Source of your Being.

The only way we find that true happiness and fulfillment your mind desperately seeks is to recognize that the God-Source is always here now.

When you connect with that peaceful stillness that is who you truly are, you automatically feel a deep sense of fulfillment. This is when you will naturally relax, and see the futility of striving so hard for outer contentment.

Imagine what it would be like to fully relax into this moment, and stop worrying so much about achieving something in the next moment. Simply choose to allow your mind and physical body to completely relax.


If you truly know that the now moment is perfect, and focus simply on what you are doing in each single second instead of the future, you will naturally start to relax. It is impossible to feel overwhelmed when you are completely present to the now, and see the perfection of the now moment because overwhelm is a feeling generated by future thoughts.

So if you start to feel overwhelmed by your life, simply stop and begin to practice the fine art of trusting the perfection of each moment as it arises.

When ever you start to feel overwhelmed, the best thing to do is to simply take a few deep breaths in. Most of us breathe in very shallow ways because we are constantly being driven by all of the thoughts are mind is throwing at us. Each time you take a deep breath, you relax your body-mind. The more you breathe deeply, the more you naturally let go of feelings of stress, and begin feeling more peaceful and centered about your life.


The body may resist relaxation at first, yet if you imagine that everyone you love is looking at you with eyes of love, your body will eventually melt and let go.

The Universe is literally holding you in a warm cradle of love. It is taking care of all of your needs. All you need to do is simple focus on relaxing your body-mind so that you can receive all of this love and support.

A relaxed body-mind is a receptive one that is open to receiving support and help from the Universe. The more receptive your body-mind is, the easier it is for you to navigate through your life. Here is one technique to practice this week to help you completely relax, transcend overwhelm and finally find peace within.


Your Manifesting Assignment: Every morning as soon as you wake up, bring your attention to your breath. Notice how open, relaxed and peaceful you are.

You may be really relaxed or barely conscious that you’re relaxed, yet just upon waking up, watch the breath during these precious moments. It will soon open you up to finding a sense of freedom and spaciousness inside you.

Use this time to free your mind from all concerns and relax deeper into the spacious creative energy that you are. Hang out in this spacious feeling as long as you can.

Then, during your day, take time to return to the memory of this feeling to re-enter and explore this spacious feeling again. Enjoy!


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