Learn How to Manifest Your Dream Life

Just in case you did not know………There is a way of living your life that is so conscious, so purely intentional and alive, that you are guaranteed to manifest the life you desire. It happens when you understand and practice the basic manifesting principles of the Universe.


The first is that your thoughts create your reality in every moment, and that you are pure consciousness behind each thought you may choose (or not choose) to entertain.


This revolutionary empowering consciousness is already here now. When you stop all efforting, scheming, and trying to find it or create it, you instantly see the simple fact that it is here right now. If you want to become richer, more loveable, successful or even more conscious that is all fine and dandy. Just know that these are ideas and not the potent powerful essence of who you are.


Consciousness instantly reveals itself when you realize that you are not this mind or its desires. The pure state of consciousness is unfolding your version of reality for you to enjoy, as you decide to perceive it in each moment all around you. It loves you THAT much!

Just surrender to it, and investigate this pure consciousness that’s here now, and how there is nothing you can do to change it.


“Whatever the conscious mind thinks and believes, the subconscious identically creates.” ~ Brian Adams


The reason life can be so challenging is because of one main obstacle. You get over-identified with the mind and certain thoughts that it becomes attached to or avoids. The mind can get hooked like Velcro to certain roles, ideas, feelings, memories, and experiences that make YOU feel trapped. It’s like a spider caught in its own web. The more it struggles, the more wrapped up and stuck it gets.


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The only way out of this mind trap is to surrender to the Source of who you are.



One of the greatest secrets to untangling yourself and spinning a new web around you is in exploring the Truth of what/who you really are. If you just practice using the mind to free the mind from all the thoughts it’s been wrapped up in and attached to, you just get more mental activity. Instead of playing the game of the mind, start dismantling it. Let the mind weave the web it wants to weave, yet choose to focus on the light and consciousness within.


This is the most enlightening and empowering place to be, and will greatly increase your manifesting vibration. You will become a super manifesting magnet for what you want, so be wise about choosing what you want.


The experiences that you’ll attract to you can only bring you into a more enlightened perspective when you abide in the knowing that consciousness is natural, effortless and the essential eternal state of what/who you already are.


Be curious about this consciousness. If you “think” that you know it, let that thought go! It’s just a thought, and not actually pure consciousness itself. Drop all ideas about who you truly are, and liberate yourself completely!


This consciousness is truly unknowable, and cannot be pinned down as something that you understand once and are forever done with it. It is as infinite as this Universe, and is here for you to explore throughout your entire lifetime. Your job is to gently unfold it, and discover this dynamic divine being that you already are.


This consciousness is the God-Source and it is everywhere. The secret to discovering it is in being vulnerable, open, and receptive to this moment. Be honest with yourself about what your experience is, and then let that experience go.


If resistance is there, become that wall and let it go. Explore every experience that arises until it is finished. Your life will become more rich and juicy and full of aliveness!


Consciousness is not cold hard or rigid by any means. It contains a sacred warmth that you’ll only find in the heart of it. This love is the love of your essence. It is already inside your heart right here and now. Just surrender to what is true and real.


Your Manifestation Assignment: Take 20 minutes every morning this week to become completely still, silent and relax into this pure consciousness. This may be the hardest or easiest thing that you’ve ever explored, so if you first don’t find it just relax deeper. It is already always here now. All it takes is total surrender to what is. Enjoy the ride…


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