Living by Design instead of Default

Life exists as a tool to turn concept into experience. How are you doing with living by design instead of default?

You have the potential to completely change your human experience in 2016 by aligning to your Divine self-expression … and perhaps, help others do the same!

In this strange spiritual life you live in a duality.

As you grow and accelerate towards awakening your consciousness moves closer to the vibration of the Universe.

Simply put: You are moving towards God.

At the same time, you are pulling the frequency of the Universe here, into the world.

One of my mentors once said – you are a fishhook for the Universe.

The Universe threw out a line, your consciousness caught it, and now it is using YOU to reel in the rest of humanity. The only catch?

You have to stay connected.

The more people that are ‘hooked’, the faster the global vibration raises.

Discover how you exist in these two places at the same time:

You can’t live in spiritual seclusion, separate from the world.

Life is about experience and made to enjoy but even more important… you cannot seed positive change and energy into life if you remove yourself from it.

If you’ve been drawn to the spiritual life/world, now is the time to follow your heart and your inner guidance, and jump in!

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This is an absolute steal!

I get it you may still be sceptical, click on the link in anyhow and scroll down to the bottom to see the two awesome bonuses that comes with this product… changing indeed!

Okay in closing. We all need a good “mentor” right?

Why not focus your eyes and ears on one of the most influential people from the 20th century?

Nope… not Einstein, Bill Gates, or even Ghandi.

I mean, who wouldn’t think of the King of Rock & Roll, Elvis.

Ok, Ok… probably NOT the best mentor, but there’s one TRUE and powerful lyric that, when taken seriously, can change the way we do business and change our lives…

“It’s now or never”

It’s easy to take action tomorrow.  Don’t let that be you.

It’s easy to hit the snooze button.  Don’t let that be you.

It’s easy to skip on out on something, thinking it will be around at another time.

Don’t let that be Last Chance, “it’s now or never”…

If you’re planning on living by design then this book will be the starting point of that journey.

Okay, enough for today, big hugs!

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