Living With Passion

Being, doing, having

Have you ever noticed that many people tend to get stuck in focusing on the problems of the world?

They obsess about the excessive use of resources; they wallow in feelings of sadness and helplessness for those who are suffering; and they allow outer expressions of misery and hardship to paralyze them – which does nothing but make them feel even more powerless.

It’s understandable why people form these habits of negative focus; they believe that the solution must be there somewhere if they can just focus hard enough to see it. But they forget that the solution never exists in the same place as the problem.

To find the solutions, we must turn our attention away from the problems. That doesn’t mean ignoring problems and doing nothing about them. It means rising above the thinking that created the problems in the first place and connecting with our inner passion to create something better.

When you are passionate about something, you flow tremendous amounts of energy toward it – have you ever noticed that?

For example, you may be passionate about a creative activity like painting, photography, or gardening. While you are immersed in this activity you lose all track of time and you feel invigorated and energetic. As a result, the physical actions you take seem to flow easily. It doesn’t feel like work; it feels like fun.

This same concept can be applied to the resolution of any and all problems – just stop focusing on the problem and start feeling passionate about finding and applying the solution!

Rather than feeling helpless about world hunger, what if you were passionate about finding ways to feed the hungry? Rather than feeling frightened about violence and terrorism, what if you were passionate about spreading a message of peace and harmony?

What if, by following your own powerful, passionate energy toward the solutions, you inspired others around the world to do the same? Can you imagine the power of such a movement over the span of 100 years?

“Be it, do it, live it, love it” – a perfect example of the kind of passion can move mountains!

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