Read all about it…..Bill and Melinda Gates: Our Big Bet for the Future

b2ap3_thumbnail_2-blog-5.pngHave you wondered what the “really rich” people think about 2015?

Watch this short video (1 minute 40 seconds) to find out and then keep on reading to see how we can achieve it


This will never happen if we don’t Awaken to the Possibility of Oneness!

We are living in momentous times. We are accelerating into a new world; a world that is grounded not in divisiveness and separation but in the oneness of all things.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Oneness--5-.jpgAt this time of transition when one era is dying and another is being born (Aquarian Age), we have a choice to stay with the images of the past or we can move into a future that is not yet defined but is full of possibilities.

The whole purpose of life itself is to live and experience life moment to moment.

Suffering is essentially the resistance to experiencing reality as it is. As you become more present with each moment, each ordinary moment will become an extraordinary experience.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Oneness--4-.jpgAwakening to Oneness lead you on a profound journey inward.  As your inner world changes your outer world becomes more peaceful and loving.  Awakening to Oneness is a gift of divine energy that helps free us from this suffering and helps us to experience reality as it is.

The mission of Awakening to Oneness is to help humanity transcend our current level of dualistic consciousness….To help humanity awaken from its sleep of forgetfulness. In an awakened state, you live a life through the senses without the brain/mind interfering.  As you experience a life more of the senses, each taste, smell, sound, vision, and touch is exquisite, and it is as if you are experiencing it for the first time.

There are waves of Grace here to assist us with this transformation which is occurring on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Awakening to Oneness is one example of this Grace.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Oneness--2-.jpgWe are needed to help this energy come into being, to bring it alive into our world.  Without our conscious cooperation the future will not be born in its full potential.

Awakening to Oneness is not some independent thing.  The essence of Awakening to Oneness is freedom. You choose the path you want, whether it be Buddhist, Taoist, or Christian.  Awakening to Oneness will help you to realize those teachings.

Every individual awakening into oneness is automatically affecting a few thousand people.  Having changed our experience of reality we go on to discover new ways of living and loving.  We can create a better planet for the present and the future.  This is our shared destiny.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Oneness--6-.jpgTransforming the world is not just the responsibility of a few sages and seers.  To create a better world is the responsibility of every one of us.

Be on the lookout for our next post where I’ll share some more information on this transformation process going from separateness to Oneness

Enough for now, see you in the next postb2ap3_thumbnail_thank-you2.jpg


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