So, you Really want to become a Powerful Manifestor?

Of course, ultimately nobody can stop you if you want to skip around, not practice your homework, and just read it as any normal blog article you’ve had before.

Yet honestly, what good is it going to do for you to NOT take the risk to experiment with shaping your life, and try out something completely new?You may just step into a totally new amazing and uncharted territory about who you truly are!


The secret I’ve found is always to do whatever you know will stretch you, and make you grow in life the most, especially if it feels uncomfortable at first. Like a brand new pair of shoes, they don’t always feel good the first time you put them on, yet give them a week and you may never want to take them off again.

How Each Week Can Skyrocket your Life

Within each article you will find a variety of enlightening messages, profound wisdoms, and empowering thoughts that can feel like priceless blue diamonds dug up in a diamond mine. Some of these gems have a certain “theme” or direction they are pointing you, which you’ll see is repeated in a variety of ways throughout this series of articles.

This is purposely done to wake you up! By repeating this deeper wisdom, you’ll be embedding an idea deeply in your brain that will eventually awaken you into a higher awareness.


Repetition is how all powerful thoughts are deeply “drilled” into our subconscious, so that they bubble up naturally later into our conscious waking state. So, instead of resisting the drill, make it a drilling meditation!  And by now you are supposed to know that I am fanatical about, “repetition is the mother of all skills”

Relax your body and allow your deepest mind to be penetrated anytime you receive a profound message again and again. If you’re present to the drill, and let it dig deeper into your being, you’ll find it eventually reaches a place that truly transforms you. By playing with this procedure, it will assist you in raising your consciousness and help you to integrate the understanding of the powerful manifestor you already are.

The second secret is to allow yourself to stop and FEEL something when it touches you.


If for example, when you read an article about “Manifesting Abundance” in your life, let yourself activate those abundant FEELINGS in your body as you’re reading. The more often you stop, breathe and take 20-30 seconds to simply go deeper inside yourself and expand on the sensation of these feelings in your body, they will grow exponentially within you.

When you can slow down to make time for yourself to have a deeper experience within yourself while reading, you truly shift your vibration and transform the way you see the world. If you can choose to stop, you are making yourself important in your life.


For example, when you explore an abundant empowered feeling several times within you, those neuron pathways in your brain get used, and it becomes easier to go down that road again. Soon, you will cultivate an inner wealth vibration and reach what I call the “million dollar manifesting mindset”.

This is when the magic truly takes over your life


I might say that the ultimate goal of this series of articles is to awaken the Manifesting Master within you. Yet, the truth is that the Master is already alive, awake and living inside you. It just needs to be enticed to come out of hiding and believe in itself again.

By doing your assignments everyday, you will start to shine and radiate this new light out into the world. The divine Master within you will be the main operating response to live and will help you release any blocks, fears and resistances in your way.


Deep within your being you already have all the answers to every problem you are facing. By following your assignments each day, you’ll discover that this knowledge just seems to percolate out of you. When you can open up to this possibility, amazing and miraculous events begin to appear. A deeper state of peace arises within you, and you realize life is not as challenging as you once thought it was. When you find this place of peace inside yourself, it changes the way everything is experienced from the inside.

As you look within, you’ll start to resurface some of the most enlightening experiences that you’ve forgotten that you had throughout your life. Just remember that nothing is by chance! Amazing synchronicities are always happening to you. You just need to keep your eyes, heart, and mind open to see and feel them. It’s all about being aware that this multidimensional all intelligent Universe is real, and is not what the mind thinks it appears to be. It is very, very magical. It has many unseen dimensions to it that can become available to your consciousness.


The greatest miracle in life may simply be relaxing in the here and-now, while enjoying the ever constant exploration of this unlimited connection to consciousness.

Yeah, I know, there will be blocks along the way. Therefore, next week I will show you how to “Step Over Blocks along the Way”

In the meantime, as I suggested, print this article and put it into a file where you can refer to it as often as necessary!

Rule your Reality…and be Open for Miracles TODAY!


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