The Best Investment-You

Do you invest 5000 Rand a month in the stock market? Do you put away 2000 Rand a month toward your dream car? Do you work overtime to earn 5000 Rand extra for that Mauritius holiday? Do you do all of these things and really never invest anything in your most important asset… yourself?

We all have different priorities when it comes to our income and money. We read about how to handle and invest our finances; we think of how to make more money. But how many of us take the time to ponder our investments in ourselves?

 Take time, for instance. That is, if you have a couple of seconds. Imagine you dream about composing a book. “I just don’t have the time!” you cry out. But what if you resolve that investing time in that project is a priority? Could you create an hour a day towards that goal and invest it in your book? 

Or, what if your goal is to slim down and step-up strength? “I really need to cut down a few pounds and substitute them with muscles,” you mumble every time you look in the mirror. You ponder joining a gym, or coming together with a nutritionist and personal fitness trainer, but deliberate about whether it’s worth it. Well, ask yourself whether your health is worth it. Ask yourself whether how you feel about yourself is worth it. Ask yourself what monetary value you put on your mental and physical well-being.

 Get proactive about making regular deposits in your “life bank”. By developing sufficiently, your positive actions will develop these investments. You’ll be in a position to make a withdrawal and still have reserves to draw on.

 What areas of your life do you need to invest in? What areas of your life have you been ignoring? Once you have identified problem areas, ask yourself, “What will it take for me to make positive changes?”

 The ability to prepare, adjust and change is vital in today’s business world. Being set up and ready for change will help you succeed. Making the essential investments in yourself, being set up and having plenty of resources to draw on increases your ability to handle change.

 Just for today, think about how you can invest in yourself for your personal and business success.

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