The Missing Key to Success…. The Sixth Sense!

The Sixth Sense the “Secret Key” the Universe has left us…….

Don’t miss this; this is something I’ve been teaching my students for years

There is no Other Way:

– Raise your Living Standards
– Discover, Eliminate and exchange your Limiting Beliefs for more Empowering One’s
– Changer your Strategy
– Take Inspired Action, and….
– Condition yourself for Success

Every one of the above is important if you want to live by design instead of default, but today I want to touch on “Inspired Action”

Inspired Action can only take place if you are connected to your…….Sixth Sense, your Intuition.

The prerequisite to develop your sixth sense is…..Awareness, and……..

Awareness Starts with your Senses

“To be Aware, is to be actively experiencing the world around you.”

“Nothing Is Never Not Happening”. Think about this for a moment……..

There is always ‘something happening’, and you don’t have to live in Cape Town for this to be True! Think about the Room around you. How many things happening around you can you detect?

Listen to the Sounds that you hear around you, in the distance, close to you, the sound of the air moving in and out of your nose, the hum of your Computer.

Smell the air in the room, and try to discern what different smells you can ‘pick up on’. The smell of your clothing on your skin. The smell of the furniture around you, maybe the smell of something cooking in the background or the aroma of fragrance in the air.

Look around you, and notice how many things you actually ‘have’ around you. From the smallest to the largest, take notice of things that are not ‘in the same place’ as they normally are. Take notice of how many things ‘look different’ than they normally look.

Do you have any plants? Have they ‘grown’ since you last took ‘notice’ of them? Notice how many different ‘variations of colour’ that exists in your environment.

Different tones and tints, textures, and shapes.

Touch a few of the objects around you, and ‘take notice’ of how they ‘feel’ in your hands, and try to remember the last time you ‘actually’ took the time to really ‘feel’ things, and not just rush around ‘Numb’ To The World.

Feel the clothing touching your skin, the different layers and weight of your clothing. Feel the temperature of the room around you, pay attention to it and just ‘accept’ what you are sensing.

Taste your food more Richly, next time you are eating, try to ‘slow down’, and be ‘aware’. Enjoy the food and taste every aspect of it that you can. Focus on the temperature, the texture, the sweetness or sourness, the bitter or the spicy, the combination of flavour and textures from moist to crunchy, from flaky to fluffy.

This kind of ‘perspective’ can only enliven your Experience of the World Around You. There is so much to experience and explore, and we don’t have to be Astronauts or own a Submarine to explore a world of wonder. We have such a thing all around us, from the nearest park, filled with Micro Wildlife, to a Busy City filled with Macro Wildlife with the ‘Concrete Jungle’.

I’ve saved the best for last, but not least, and that is the “Sixth Sense”. The reason being is that not everyone ‘understands’ what the sixth sense is, let alone how to ‘engage it’.

Okay, are you ready for the next step……?

An Easy way to Engage your Sixth Sense, is to focus on ‘feeling’ the world around you, not just See, Touch, Taste, Hear or Smell, but FEEL. When you use one of your ‘senses’ such a ‘listening to music’… Try to ‘Feel’ the music, the ‘Initial Vibration or Texture of Emotion’ that is Instantaneously makes you Feel Inside.
Look at an object or multiple objects and try to ‘Look and Feel’ the object.

Look at it but also try to ‘Touch’ it by ‘Feeling It’, and Experience what it ‘Feels Like’, try to ‘Feel’ the same things like temperature, density, weight, etc.

Hold and object in your hands and try to ‘See’ or ‘Visualize’ what it Looks like and Feels Like. Focus on the Look and Feel. You will be able to ‘experience a richer experience’, by using your ‘Sixth Sense’ to amplify the amount of ‘data’ you can receive from the world around you.

The ‘KEY’ is to use your Sixth Sense to ‘pick up’ on the ‘coded sensory data’ within the world around you that you could be experiencing with your Other 5 Senses, but are not in ‘Range’ to do so.

For example, don’t just look around you, ‘Look and Taste’ or ‘Look and Touch’, but without actually tasting or touching anything. Instead, ‘Feel Them’ and your ‘Sixth Sense’ will ‘pick up’ on the ‘data’ your ‘intentions’ are focused on, and you’ll ‘KNOW’ how it Tastes, Smells, the Touch of it, etc.

This allows you to experience the ‘fullness’ of the world without being ‘deprived’ because you are using All your Senses, and not just some of them.

Remember, your Sixth Sense is a Sense that is Integrated on Your 5 Senses. It’s a sense that can interpret ‘vibrations’ or ‘energy vibrations’ in a ‘organic method of understanding’. This is why ‘Psychics’ get impressions from the other senses, images, sounds, smells, when using their Sixth Sense.

The sixth sense is simply like a ‘TV’ that can take the ‘transmission’ and ‘translate’ it into a format we can ‘use’, such as Pictures and Sounds. Unlike a mere TV, our Sixth Sense isn’t limited to only those 2 senses, but can give us data and translate it into all our ‘5 senses’.

If you are ‘skilled enough’ with your training, you can take the ‘Feeling’ or ‘Emotional’ Data, that your Sixth Sense Receives, which is likened to the ‘Transmission’ that a TV Station Broadcasts… Our Dimension is Coded with the ‘Language’ of Emotion.

Your Sixth sense is simply ‘picking up’ on that data, and translating it into one of your other ‘senses’ for the ‘Brain’ to be able ‘Work with the Data’.

Okay, enough for today.… Start Practicing!

In our next blog post we’ll delve deeper into the “Sixth Sense” and how to use it to create the Success you were MEANT to BE!

Love to hear your feedback on this one

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