The Path To Mastery – Where Does It Start?

Where is your focus, happiness, health wealth all of them?

Over the years I’ve taught Metaphysics and Spiritual Laws to hundreds of people.

In the process, I’ve noticed there are some people who seem to develop their skills a lot more quickly than their classmates. I’ll tell you about the characteristics they show in just a moment…

A businessman came to a great Zen master, and said he wished to become the Master’s student. As they sat down to tea, he explained proudly that his extensive Zen studies had helped him in his business, & that he wished to achieve enlightenment. The Zen master smiled, & started pouring tea into the businessman’s cup.
It filled to the top then started overflowing, but the Master kept pouring as the tea spilled onto the table.

In the Rider-Waite Tarot deck, the card representing the Fool shows a boy walking at the edge of a cliff, with a little dog jumping by his side. The card bears the symbol zero (0). This powerful set of symbols can represent so many things:

The leap of faith (the cliff)

The fine line between daring & recklessness (the cliff)

The source of all life & creation (the zero, shaped like an egg)

Nothingness / formlessness / the no-thing (the zero)

Emptiness (again, the zero)

Youth, innocence, freedom (the boy & his dog)

To become a master, you must embrace the spirit of the Fool.

The willingness to act as if you know nothing

The willingness to make mistakes

The willingness to trust your unconscious, & open to its gifts

The willingness to take the leap of faith

The willingness to act without knowing

The willingness to take instruction & learn

The willingness to return again & again to the beginner’s mind

The willingness to recognise that anything’s possible

The businessman looked at the Zen Master as if he were mad, & exclaimed “What are you doing?!?” The cup’s already full!” The Zen Master replied, “Yes it is. Your cup is already full. And until you empty it, there is no room for anything new.”

The people I’ve taught who developed their skills more quickly than anyone else were the ones who were willing to take action, & try things out even though they didn’t necessarily feel confident in their skills yet. They were willing to “do” before they understood.

They were willing to be Foolish.

Do you think it’s worth it to look like a fool to become a master? In the next few posts we’ll be looking at “The Path To Mastery” in greater detail. Be sure not to miss it :–

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