There are two ways to live your life

There are two ways to live your life, with or without abundance, and you have to make a choice.

  1. You can focus on the misery and negativity that’s constantly trying to capture your attention (which will only attract more misery directly to you) OR…
  • 2. You can choose to step into an abundant universe where you find endless opportunities for success everywhere you turn… the only catch is you have to play by the rules.

 “No matter how dark the cloud, look for the silver lining; it is there.

And when you always look at the bright side of things you develop brightness in yourself.

 This brightness will strengthen [you] so that you can easily overcome what obstacles may be in your way, and thus gain the victory desired.

Direct your attention constantly to the bright side of things; refuse absolutely to consider any other side.”

-Christian D. Larson

“The Ideal Made Real”

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