There’s a War going on …Between your Ears!

Our war with manifesting the life of our dreams by design is not just waged in our conscious minds. In fact, most of it is spurred by our subconscious and unconscious minds.

Do you have a big dream or desire in life? It may be cracking the income ceiling to 6 or 7 figures. It may be your dream house, your retirement, finding your soul mate or discovering your big mission in life. Then you “need” to read this blog post!

How long have you wanted those things? A year- two years – 5 years -longer?

How hard have you been working to make your dreams a reality?

Everyday or part time – or just dabbling in your dreams?

Well the problem isn’t the belief that you can – because you probably believe it can happen.

But you also have counter beliefs (doubt) about why it hasn’t happened – and that hides the cause.

An unconscious doubt is always stronger that a conscious belief.

The key to all success is to realize that……..

Buried deep within us are the learned habits, perspectives, patters, and judgments we’ve inherited. And they turn into one behemoth standing in our way…

Blocks, limiting beliefs, and counter-intentions.

Consciously you want one thing: money or what you think your dream life is supposed to be. I’m just using money as an example because it is something that we all understand, and “most” people do have a “problem” with…!

Unconsciously you want something else: money is evil so keep it away.

Since the unconscious is bigger, bolder, stronger, and in control, what it believes will win.

The mental blocks might be our inability to even imagine ourselves standing in our birthright, which is abundance.

They may be an inability to even consider a new relationship with money or a new truth about money’s neutral nature.

They may be pure disbelief in a world where we are free from the evil touch of money.

It doesn’t matter if we can consciously wrap our brain/mind around it and accept these possibilities.

If our subconscious minds are blocked to the possibilities, our subconscious minds will ultimately win the battle.

If we buy into mainstream teaching that states that our lives are lived 10% consciously and 90% sub-consciously, then it’s not rocket science, your sub-conscious will win every time.

Limiting beliefs might have us secretly convinced we don’t have the courage, the will-power, or the follow-through to bring our soulful passions to fruition.

They may take the form of instantaneous subconscious doubt when we even consider the possibility of having a flowing source of money into our lives.

They may be the perpetual guilt of having failed and failed and failed, unable to carve out our own path to success.

They may be stellar objections to a world where we can be guided by a passion, purpose, or mission, let alone having them supported by the power we channel into money

Counter-intentions might take form as persistent self-sabotage, our subconscious minds dealing damage behind our backs through procrastination, hesitation, or restraint.

Why would we want to prevent ourselves from success, or block abundance?

One simple possibility is fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of new responsibilities. Fear of success. Fear of failure. Fear of embarrassment. Fear of anything that isn’t the cage we’ve been in all our lives, because we understand it so well, and it feels safe.

We could even have a deep, dark, secret desire to achieve money so that we can exact the same cruelty and control we’ve experienced at the hands of others wielding the power of money.

Whatever mental blocks, limiting beliefs, and counter-intentions are lying in wait within us, we must realize that the simple “I’m going to change my mind” will not always work. In fact, it usually doesn’t. Our subconscious minds resent and resist our desire for change.

It’s where our ego resides, and the main function of the ego is to “keep you safe”. Rather the devil that I know than the devil I don’t, that’s the ego’s motto and by keeping you in your “comfort zones” it feels it has accomplished its task.

When we find ourselves firing bullets ceaselessly into a thick fog, we must tap ourselves on the shoulder, tell ourselves to lay down our guns, and take some distance to see the truth of exactly what war we’ve been engaged in.

We must transcend these barriers in new ways.

And it starts with the number one cause of our subconscious barriers. It happens to be one of the largest causes of our war with money, or then creating the lives of our dreams.

We feel we are victims.

• We are the victims of outside forces.
• We are the victims of powers we can’t conquer.
• We are the victims of circumstances we can’t control.

And don’t so quickly say…..”I AM NOT A VICTIM”!

If you have, during the past week, moaned, complained or did some blame shifting – then my dear friend, I’m sad to say, you have behaved as a victim!

But are we? Are we really so willing to give up our power so easily?

For when we live and act the victim, we relinquish control of our own lives and our own destinies.

We can’t transform our relationship with money or create the lives of our dreams because we are victims of money’s vast network of oppression.

We can’t escape financial struggle because we’re the victims of our debts, our bills, and our responsibilities.

We can’t rise as Awakened Manifestors because we are victims to our hard lives and tough challenges.

Or at least this is what we tell ourselves.

To remain the victim is to close up shop and go home.

We’ve given up our power. We’ve acknowledged that we are at the mercy of the puppet strings attached to our arms and legs. We have no free will because we are the victims in a cage we never designed and never agreed to enter.

What a crippling, fraudulent idea. Almost as crippling as the tattered relationship with money we must change.

Ready to transform your relationship with money? Ready to stop being the victim? Ready to become an Awakened Manifestor and start Living by Design instead of Default?

Then you have to read our next post to see what we have in store for you for the rest of the year

Okay, that’s it for now. As always, love and respect

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