Victim to Victor: Your Choice!

In each moment of life we have the choice to respond to life from a completely new, alive, and freeing space that is born in the NOW, or we can react from an older unconscious conditioned pattern that stems from a past story. The choice is always yours in each second if you respond from a fresh place of freedom or from past conditioning. The type of story we are talking about is not that enjoyable fantasy fairy tale story that we all enjoy listening to around the campfire. It’s that one that we drag around like an old ball and chain attached to a heavily shielded yet wounded heart.


The infamous victim story is one most of us know all too well. It’s the one that is fixated on how another wronged us, or how we are struggling with money, or unable to find the love of our life, or create the career we really want. We often unconsciously believe that by repeating the story over and over, it will help us to escape it, transcend it or feel better about our poor lonely victimized self.

What really happens is that by repeating what we don’t want to manifest in our lives, we simply become more wrapped up in the ego’s illusions of being trapped, helpless, and powerless. The good news is that you always have the power to transcend your story if you can become conscious enough to see who or what is truly creating it.


It’s good to know that all of your stories were created by some life event (big or small) that actually happened. The event naturally occurred, THEN the mind took over and invented its special specific positive or negative meaning on top of the actual event. We invite you take this entire week to write down and notice all the stories you tend to repeat in your mind and to other people. This is a very powerful life changing exercise. Notice if they are positive or negative stories, and who would you be without any of these stories?


These stories stick because something happened in your life that your mind judged as wrong or absolutely always right, and found some sort of peace within that perception. However, when you hold onto any thought or idea about life too tightly, you become overly attached and miss this amazing Universe that’s happening now. Attachment always leads to some future suffering and it’s always stuck with the same old small tune

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Keeping a story from your past alive takes a lot of work and will drain all of your energy. It will keep you living in The Illusion and never awaken to the divinity within your being. This illusionary mind loves to create stories about stories.

Heck, you may even be creating a story about this exploration of stories. The reality is that you are not this mind, nor your ego, nor your body, and certainly not an accumulation of all your stories.

You are much more than can be expressed in words. You are an infinite soul beyond the ideas of freedom and love. You are and always will be so much vaster than any story your ego could invent. You will continue to exist long after this story has been forgotten by you and the world. Your being is naturally expansive and completely free. You have just been covering up your true infinite nature with stories.


The tricky part in transcending any story is that our ego loves the drama of an emotionally juicy adventure. It’s like chocolate ice cream to a child. Our life’s traumas and deep issues are soooo personal, wild, crazy, and feel so real, that they often make us feel unique and that we are even someone superior or special. The truth is that everyone was born uniquely super special, AND we all have the same core issues deep inside. These core issues are about being unloved, unwanted, abandoned, and unworthy. What a great recipe to instigate massive transformation in one’s lifetime!

You may find yourself sticking to these issues because the mind gets busy entertaining the victim story instead of being truly curious about recognizing your divine infinite nature. These personal issues can make up a major part of who you think you are, so to let go of them, in many ways, can feel like letting go of your entire identity. If you dropped the story you would have to do the scariest thing of all! You’d need to totally reinvent yourself! Maybe this isn’t such a bad thing. You could choose to only be loved, free, powerful and without any limitations. Is this a challenge you would be willing to take on? Letting go of your story may feel like dying, yet in the end, there is no death without some kind of rebirth.


So how does one truly transcend their story? Just watch it. Don’t participate in it!

Notice if you are focusing on what you want or don’t want. See how present you are to the now moment, or just reprogramming yourself with more illusions from your past. The experience you have will always be created from your personal interpretation and Universal perception. If you find that you are really stuck putting energy into how you aren’t enough of this or that, and you may simply need some tools to shift your experience.


Your Manifesting Assignment: Over the next 7 days, use all 3 of these story stopping techniques below. If you find one that works better than the others, then use that one all week long. Yet, try all 3 techniques and see how each changes and challenges you in its own unique way.

1. Stop re-telling your story. When you hear yourself telling somebody your famous “story” that makes you feel small, powerless or less than divine, immediately stop yourself even if you are in mid-sentence. As soon as you stop repeating your story, you stop giving it energy and the story soon withers away.

Imagine a big red stop sign in front of you and simply stop the mouth from talking! Don’t move a muscle. Be absolutely still and silent, and investigate deeper inside to discover where this story is coming from and WHAT this part of you actually is yearning to feel, be, do or have.

Become an archeologist explorer and start digging! If you are socializing while you are storytelling and you need some space to do the digging, gently remove yourself from the situation and go sit in the bathroom and investigate the source of this saboteur. It is worth it. These stories can ruin your life or transform it. If you take time to really look at your stories, you’ll discover what it takes to transcend them completely. By simply seeing how your story is an illusion of the past that the ego is stubbornly holding on to, you are instantly free of it.

2. Take 5 steps back from your story. Freedom comes from finding the space between you and your story. When your story arises and you feel it pulling you in, imagine that you are taking 5 large steps back away from your story.

Just as if you were stepping back from an angry person, growling dog, or some feisty child who has had too much sugar. Take one small step if you cannot take a large one, and with each step take a DEEP breath of air and become the observer. Look at your story like you were watching a movie or TV show.

Recognize that it’s just that; some drama being played over an over on your ego’s video screen. Now that you are separate from the story, it is easier to see the Truth of it and be free from it.

3. Replace your Story with Gratitude. When you identify the story that you are most attached to (the one you repeat most often) each time you start repeating it, simply state one thing that you are grateful for instead. Refocus your mind on what is working in your life and what you are grateful for right now.

There are literally thousands and thousands of things that you can be grateful for no matter where you are or who you are. You can be grateful that the sun rose this morning to heat our planet, that you have clean drinking water, or that you are breathing with life in this moment instead of dying. The list goes on and on and on!

Just look around at this world and notice the beauty, detail, and the exquisite abundance. The more time you spend in gratitude, the faster your ego stories will die and become distant memories.

When you are in a place of gratitude, you automatically send out positive energetic vibrations which in turn magnetize to you the kind of positive uplifting things you want to manifest.

Once you leave your story behind, you can see the Truth of your existence, and experience total freedom from your ego’s suffering and limiting beliefs. This exercise will help you be liberated once and for all from your stories…go for it you can do it!


Love to hear your feedback on this one

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