What Exactly Is A Feel It Real Session

Let’s dive into this Neville Goddard quote……where he gives a very quick summary of how simple a Feel It Real session can be for you.

“With your eyes closed and your physical body immobilized induce a state akin to sleep and enter into the action as though you were an actor playing the part.”

“Experience in imagination what you would experience in the flesh were you now in possession of your objective.”

“Make elsewhere HERE and then NOW. And the greater you, using a larger focus will use all means, and call them good, which tend toward the production of that which you have assumed.” – Neville Goddard

In a way, it really is that simple…

But YES there is MORE!

Neville ALSO taught all kinds of subtle bits and pieces you can find scattered in his lectures – that he discovered that his listeners ALSO NEEDED TO KNOW as well – to get the results in life they wanted.

To speed up even more – dive deeper…

Here are three of my most favorited clues that I found that will help you even more of what Neville taught quickly to amp up your results:

Three steps for success, this is how to Feel It Real effectively.

Let’s dive in and make it happen today with these great quotes and lessons from Neville.

“The first step in changing the future is Desire, that is, define your objective — know definitely what you want.” – Neville Goddard

Know what YOU desire. Remember, it’s not knowing “about” it. It’s actually knowing it. What can you do today, to more fully KNOW your ideal, so you can more fully feel it real

Today’s Take Away: I had a stuck client who was trying to reprogram his mind by saying all the time he was “swimming in money“. (And for some reason, he was drowning in desperation when he started working with me.) I asked him on a coaching call, “Do people who have money – walk around saying they are swimming in it?” “Do they actually swim in it?” Of course, his answer was no way.

So I got him using exercises to focus instead on actually KNOWING what it is like to HAVE EXTRA MONEY (something you can actually know, compared to swimming in money – which is something you can’t know and that your subconscious mind can’t make sense of.)

He changed his focus that day to HAVING EXTRA MONEY, and his circumstances changed rapidly. (Simple and true. Next).

“Second: construct an event which you believe you would encounter FOLLOWING the fulfilment of your desire – an event which implies fulfilment of your desire – something which will have the action of Self predominant.” – Neville Goddard

Congratulatory scenes are our favourite events – that FOLLOW the fulfilment of your desire. (They help you eliminate the mistake of imagining “the event” itself, that builds pressure into your life and tends to feel fake or forceful.)

Imagine you reviewing your success – with friends who are congratulating you. (Notice how we expand on this in the next section.)

“The third step is to immobilize the physical body and induce a state akin to sleep. Then mentally feel yourself right into the proposed action, imagine all the while that you are actually performing the action HERE AND NOW. You must participate in the imaginary action, not merely stand back and look on, but FEEL that you are actually performing the action, so that the imaginary sensation is real to you.” – Neville Goddard

Neville says you must participate IN THE IMAGINARY ACTION. Show your friends “how you did it”, use your hands.
While in your congratulatory scene, raise your imaginary hand and feel the high five of congratulations from someone you love.

Do NOT just look on – like it was a movie with you in it. Be involved in your imagination, and you will have it in the physical world. (Look on from a distance in your imagination – and you will see people AROUND YOU in the physical world – get what you wanted instead.)

Strong basics. That is what every successful person we know sticks with. And that’s why we built the “Awakened Imagination – Change your Memory, Change your Life” Tribe.

Remember, strong simple basics lead to repeated success.

Stick with what works, discard ENTIRELY what doesn’t, and remember to FEEL YOUR IDEAL AS REAL.
Neville Goddard – The Single Act

What happens if your mind just wonders all over the place when I am doing my sessions?

If you have ever found your imagination wondering onto things that have NOTHING to do with your session, this lesson is a great one for you.

Let’s dive in with the words of Neville.

“For instance, if I single out as an event, shaking a man’s hand, then that is the only thing I do. I do not shake it, then light a cigarette and do a thousand other things.”

“I simply imagine that I am actually shaking hands and keep the act going over and over and over again until the imaginary act has all the feeling of reality. The event must always imply fulfilment of the wish. Always construct an event which you believe you would naturally encounter following the fulfilment of your desire.” – Neville Goddard

When you discipline the mind, learn how to focus the imagination and fully SURRENDER – to the state of your wish fulfilled – it is easy to see how the untrained imagination bounces from possibility to possibility – often stuff you DO NOT want to happen.

In the physical world, this often shows up being scattered, having clutter, and never getting anything done.
Use what Neville shares here. Before you do your Feel It Real sessions, decide EXACTLY what that SINGLE ACT will be.

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