You….and Money, or the Absence of it!

Today we are going to take a look at your current relationship to money. Countless paragraphs could be written about this subject and our emotional ties to it but we are going to be brief today. Money is nothing more than energy. Everything is energy.

However, in our culture particularly, we have placed tremendous importance on money and have given it much more power over our lives than necessary or appropriate (since it is nothing more than energy).

Our survival is tied directly to money and that’s one big reason we have such an emotional (many times dysfunctional) relationship to money. Many people fear it (not having enough or fearing the powerful role it has in their lives). Others worship it. Some do both. No matter how we look at it, it would be safe to say many people don’t have much freedom around money.

Because this is such an important subject matter, I’m going to devote the next six blog posts to your relationship with money and then show you how to manifest more of it in your life, wouldn’t that be fun? 🙂

How do you feel about paying your bills? Do you dread it? Do you just hunker down and try to get through it as quickly as possible? Do you feel fear or lack as you “watch the money leave your hands?” Is it a joyous experience for you? Conversely, have you ever donated money (no matter how little) to a person in need or a cause you believe in?

Do you remember how great you felt after you wrote that check or gave that money to them? It is possible to also have that feeling when paying bills. In fact, shifting your energy around paying bills to create that same feeling will help you to experience more freedom around money and begin the process of allowing the Universe to bring more of it into your life.

Today we are going to do an exercise that will give you an alternative experience/feeling when paying your bills.

Awakened Manifestors – ACTION:

When you pay a bill, take a moment to think about all the lives you are contributing to. You are directly helping that company exist. More importantly and to the point, you are helping the people who are employed there to have jobs and receive income to support their own lives and families.

Do they have a roof over their heads and indoor plumbing? Do they have heat and warm clothes in the winter? Do they have enough food to eat? Do their children get to take tennis or ballet lessons? Does their family get to eat out at a restaurant occasionally because they are employed and can afford it?

You are also contributing to the trucking companies (all THEIR employees) who bring this company the raw materials or products. You are contributing to the lives of the various vendors this company uses to create or maintain their product or service.

Does this company likely have a janitorial or cleaning service?

If it uses vehicles as part of its operation, does it have mechanics who service those vehicles? Does it have maintenance people who keep the building and equipment working properly? Remember, these are human beings – don’t just think about faceless companies. There are many, many lives you are helping with the goods and services you pay for.

So, for today, if you have any bills to pay, please get them now (even if it is only just one bill). If you don’t have any to pay currently or are not where you can get access to them right now, it’s OK. You can do this visualization exercise now and then (hopefully) do it again later when you do pay your bills.

Close your eyes and imagine all the people whose lives are being positively impacted by the money you are using to pay this bill. Silently thank them all for their contribution to your life by providing that service or product.

Then, as you write out your check (or click through the online bill paying process) send them a blessing along with the money you are sending. You could say something like, “I am sending all of you this money with my blessings for your most happy and abundant life” (or whatever blessing feels good to you).

How did that experience feel? Did it provide you a different feeling and some freedom around paying your bills? Maybe you will consider doing this quick yet powerful ritual each time you pay your bills or use your money.

Anything you can do to create love and freedom for yourself around money will begin to shift your relationship with money and will benefit you greatly.


Any time you spend money today (whether for a cup of coffee, lunch, a pack of gum, grocery shopping, whatever) silently repeat this exercise.

Think of all the lives that are being positively impacted by the money you are giving this person/vendor, etc. and most importantly, give ALL of them a silent blessing along with the money. This is very, very powerful for shifting your own money vibration as well as that of our Universe.

Okay that’s it for now

I’m Sending You The Energy of “Amazing” Today!

As always – love and respect

Your coach/friend

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