You and your Brain

The human brain has a negative bias.

“We inherited the genes that predispose us to give special attention to those negative aspects of our environments that could be harmful to us.” – Timothy J. Bono, PhD, psychologist and happiness researcher, Washington University, St. Louis

We are automatically designed to zoom in on the negative – even when there’s more positive in our experience. The brain is physiologically biased to focus on the one negative comment and ignore all of the positive ones.

How Knowing This Makes Life Easier:

The next time you find yourself feeling bad – thinking about a particular negative experience, fear, or doubt – remind yourself that your brain is like a dog that’s been trained to bark at anyone who comes near the gate whether they’re a threat or a friend. Just because the dog is barking doesn’t mean there’s danger. You can check whether it’s a threat or not – and then, call the dog off, no matter how loud and convincing its bark is.

In the same way, the negative feelings and thoughts are the dog barking – they can be very “loud” and convincing. But you can use your conscious, logical mind to remind yourself that your brain has a negativity bias, so, like that dog, it’s automatically “barking” and focusing in on the “threat” – even if there isn’t a real danger. AND, you don’t need to follow the “dog”. You can override the “barking” (that negative thoughts-and-feelings cycle) by choosing your focus in the moment. And, of course, reaching out for help as you need it.

Knowing that the brain has a negativity bias, and not buying into it, is the same as knowing the dog barks at the neighbors, and not getting frightened automatically every time he barks.

It’s not always easy (sometimes that “dog” is really loud and convincing!) but, starting by reminding yourself that it’s the way the brain is designed for physical survival – and that feeling the negative feelings (no matter how strong and convincing) doesn’t necessarily mean that’s all there is – will help to start lowering those stress chemicals.

The purpose of getting into a feel-good state by changing your focus for the moment – is to bring the cognitive-thinking part of your brain back online. And then you’ll come up with solutions, options, and strategies you hadn’t been able to think of while you were emotionally triggered.

Of course, reach out to us for help as you go.
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