This is the Reason why your Prayers are not Answered!

The Five Pillars of Answered Prayer and how to use it to create miracles….every day!

– Harmonize with God
– Faith
– Feeling
– Focus, and…….
– Altered Consciousness

We loop the first one with number five, because in “reality” the only way you can Harmonize with God is to go into an Altered Consciousness.

And yeah baby, you have to get of the “problems” train and onto the “all things are possible” train if you want your prayers answered. More about that as we move on.

Where two or three agree on something so shall it be.

Now, most people that are students of the Bible in the traditional, literalist way have fallen in the trap where they think that they only have to one or two of their “buddy’s” to agree with them on what they want, and viola, the manifestation takes place.

Now, I’m quite sure that most people that has tried that technique, sooner or later came to the conclusion that it does…not work. Yes, there can be the exception to the rule, but generally over the long run it DOES NOT work!

Sad reality many people have not heard Einstein explaining, “The definition of stupidity is to do the same things over and over again and expect different results”

So what does the Bible “really mean by the statement, “Where two or three agree on something so shall it be”.

Well, if you understand that while you are functioning here on Planet Earth you consists of three parts, Mind Brain), Body (Vehicle) and Spirit (Higher Self)

Makes more sense now doesn’t it? If two of the above, preferably all three synchronizes, boy, you are in for the ride of your life. More about how to that in future posts.

Okay, on to the purpose of this post.

The power to contact your Higher Self through prayer……….

Coursing through humanity – and through YOU – is a remarkable power.

– A power that transcends time, space and culture.
– A power that, through no fault of our own, 99% of us will never gain access to.
– A power capable of bending the fabric of reality.
– Coursing through humanity – and through YOU – is a remarkable power.
– A power that transcends time, space and culture.
– A power capable of bending the fabric of reality.
– A power that, through no fault of our own, 99% of us will never gain access to.
– To be in that 1% is to discover your true essence.
– And to be in that 1% is to have…

The Ultimate Human Experience!

“When you pray enter into the inner room off yourself” – Jesus

And right in the beginning of our prayers we miss the train (consciousness), oh yes you are on a train(consciousness), but that’s the train(consciousness) that will keep you stuck in struggle, poverty and shame. God “cannot” help you on that train because S/He does not spend time on that train.

You have to change trains (consciousness), you cannot solve a problem with same consciousness that created it.

Problems only exist in a Beta Brain Wave (Mind set)

So here’s the million dollar question….does God have problems?

Of course not! S/He is God!

Can you see why I came to the above statement?

God “lives” in the field of infinite possibilities, where all things are possible. And that my dear friend is in the Theta Brain Wave (Mind set), which is a proven scientific fact. Theta Brain Wave is the dream consciousness.

Now how many times have you heard the Bible say “Lift up thine eyes” or “if thine eye be single?
When you pray enter into the inner room off yourself” – Jesus

The easiest way to enter into the “inner Room – Altered Consciousness Theta Brain Wave” of yourself, is to close your eyes, gently roll it back behind your eyebrows (lift up thine eyes), your eye lids will start fluttering and that indicates you are in an Altered Consciousness Theta Brain Wave.

Okay, with that being said, sometimes, it’s the most basic answers that prove to be the most effective solutions to your problems.

For example, despite the many fad diets constantly promoted by celebrity authors and sports trainers, the most effective ones tend to focus on the 2 things you’ve heard more often than anything else — consuming fewer calories and getting more exercise. Except if you are doing the “Paul Banting” diet 🙂

In relationships, what tends to work best is to simply express genuine, sincere interest in the other person.

This works far better than memorizing lines or scripts based on arcane psychological principles

In sales and marketing, the core offer (product, price, guarantee) counts for far more than snazzy designs or ninja copywriting skills.

So it’s no surprise to learn that when it comes to manifesting your desires with the help of a higher power, the most effective solution is also one of the most basic. Prayer.

Not just your average, “say a few words and hope it gets answered” kind of prayer. A kind of prayer I now call “Harmonic Spiritual Mind Treatment Affirmative Prayer”

Once you learn the key elements that make Harmonic Spiritual Mind Treatment Affirmative Prayer work, you won’t waste your time with fancy LOA (Law of Attraction) methodologies or spend years learning quantum physics.

– No endless visualization or meditation…
– No waiting weeks or months for it to work…
– No frustration because you’re not seeing results…

You just tap directly into source by following this “simple” process, okay; I have to admit, not that “simple”.
But easy enough once you get the hang of it.

Why Ordinary Prayers Don’t Work & How to Fix Them

There is a prerequisite to “answered” prayer, and this is clearly stated when Jesus say, “You have to enter into the inner room of yourself and the Father (giver of life) will reveal you in the open”

Okay, what and where is this “inner room” that Jesus talks about?

Before we answer this question let’s look at a statement by Einstein “You cannot solve a problem with the same consciousness that created it” – Einstein

Consciousness are often represented by brain waves (or trains)

Is this you?

– You wake up in the morning worrying about your bills or income
– You are in a career that is stealing away from your life instead of supporting it
– You are in a relationship that’s ‘zapping’ your energy
– When you try to fantasize or visualize more money success you immediately go into worry about how you would keep from losing it again

You are ready to create the life of your dreams, but you just “DON’T KNOW HOW!”

You have heard the statement, “Nothing they imagined will be Impossible for them”, but you don’t really know how it works

Not one of the above statements can be changed unless you move from a Beta Consciousness to a Theta Consciousness

My dear friend, remember the statement……..,

“In your Dreams Nothing Is Impossible”

All problems exist in your Beta Consciousness, and you can’t solve a problem with the same consciousness that created it!

Now here comes the million dollar question…..

Can God have problems?

Of course not, S/He’s God. Which means God does not operate in a Beta Brain Wave Consciousness.

God functions in the Theta Brain Wave Consciousness where NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE

And that’s your first step into the inner room of yourself, you have to change from a Beta Consciousness to a Theta Consciousness – I’ll show you an easy way once you are inside the program

And this is just the starting point!

Harmonic Spiritual Mind Treatment Prayer is vastly different from what most people think of as prayer.

In fact, the way most people pray virtually GUARANTEES failure!

Can you associate with this?

Most folks also approach prayer as if they are simply talking to another person, and do not give any thought to their mental state during the process.

Effective prayer requires a strong connection with the Divine Essence of the Universe (what most folks refer to as God), and without this, your prayer would go nowhere.

And if this wasn’t enough, most people do not focus their minds enough during prayer for the thoughts to be clearly communicated to the Divine Essence of the Universe, further interfering with the process.

Harmonic Spiritual Mind Treatment Affirmative Prayer is based on 5 key factors— harmony with God, faith, focus, positive feelings (emotions) and altered consciousness.


– Faith that God exists and answers prayers.
– Faith that God can solve the problem you face
– Faith that your prayers will be heard.
– Faith that you deserve God’s help.
– A faith that leaves no room for doubt.

There are some amazingly simple techniques that will INSTANTLY increase your faith, and other techniques that will build your faith over time. You’ll be surprised at how easy this can be.


– Focus to keep your mind clear as you pray.
I- f you pray with a confused mind, your prayer will also be confused, and it will go nowhere.

– Where your focus goes attention flows. Where attention goes, energy flows. Where energy flows substance manifest

– Divided focus, divided attention, divided attention…no results!


Harmonic Spiritual Mind Treatment Prayer involves a feeling that puts you in harmonic resonance with God.

It is this Divine Harmony which carries your prayer to God, and makes it possible to get a response.

Feelings are very important because if there’s a clash between your thoughts and feelings, your feelings will always win

Feelings are the guiding principle of your prayer success

Again there’s many ways how to INSTANTLY bring yourself into harmony with God, and you’ll be surprised at how easy (and enjoyable) it is. I will also give you some suggestions that will help you live every day of your life in Divine Harmony.

Altered Consciousness

People who utilize the notes of the Solfeggio, and practice the precepts therein, will be blessed with peace, health, harmonious social relationships, and oneness with Spirit.

396 Hz – Liberating Guilt and Fear
417 Hz – Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change
528 Hz – Love, Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)
639 Hz – Connecting/Relationships
741 Hz – Expression/Solutions
852 Hz – Returning to Spiritual Order

You can also use brain wave entrainment to go into an altered consciousness, more about that in a following post

Much more about this as we prepare to launch this program

As always, love and respect

Your friend


Love to hear you feedback on this one!