Explode your Business with the Law of Attraction

You are a solo entrepreneur (small business owner), sales executive or involved in multi level marketing and you realize:

It’s time to do something different.
• It’s time for you to stop struggling.
• It’s time for you to experience ABUNDANCE.
• It’s time for you to experience PROSPERITY.
• It’s time for you to experience WEALTH.

We are doing a group coaching session the 15th July on “The Law of Attraction and your Business” – “Are you Business Model Broken?” How to change from a “Scarcity Centred Business Model” to a “Abundance Centred Business Model”….and of course you are invited

Your opportunity to learn from South Africa’s top “Mindset Coach”, the “miracle man”

Is the Law of Attraction one of the greatest hoaxes of the age or can one actually use the Law of Attraction to grow your business or increase your sales?

Read on and find out:

Ockert J Möller: Partner With Spirit Group Coaching Business Club Presents:

Discover How To Grow Your Business With The Law of Attraction

If you are one of the first ten people to book your seat you may win an eleven CD set “Releasing your Inner Millionaire – Releasing Blocks too Becoming a Rich Person through Inner Room Healing.” In this CD set we help you let go of over 400 limiting believes that can stop you from become extremely wealthy! (Value R 2,500.00)

Bring your business cards and flyers, excellent opportunity to network with like minded people.

You will learn:

• The Difference between a Scarcity and Abundance Consciousness
How to create an “Abundance Consciousness” with the “One Command”
• Discover your money set-points and change them…hint, if you don’t do this you will never become financially free
• Shortcuts you can “call on demand” to find new ways to expand your passion and profit… at the same time.
The 3-minute Success Recipe (Yes, it only takes three minutes)
• And much more… 

Do you feel like some unseen force is blocking your success? Join us and we’ll show you how to discover these blocks, and remove them for good!

PS. You are welcome to book a table to display your products, no extra cost.

Please take note that this primarily a “Law of Attraction Business Group Coaching Session, but we will make time for networking so please remember to bring your banners, flyers and business cards, ample time for “networking”

Date: Friday 15th July

Time: 08h15 for 08h30 – 11h00

Venue: Company Social Brasserie Menlyn. Shop 14 Menlyn Plaza. Cnr. Lois & Glen manor (Opposite Menlyn Centre) 012-348-1241 www.company.net.za

Breakfast: Inclusive of breakfast tea/coffee or juice

Investment/Cost: R 250.00 per person. Book four and the fifth person can come as our guest

RSVP: NOW!!!! ockert@icon.co.za Tomorrow may never come  Yes, you can pay at the door

You have to hurry though, we only have a few seats left….Book yours NOW!

Presenter: Ockert J Möller – The Miracle Man, South Africa’s foremost Law of Attraction Coach www.ockertmoller.com  Ockert Möller is what you get when you cross-breed Richard Branson, Indiana Jones and Moses, a man on a mission to help transform humanity..…….one person and one business at a time. As a Master Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner and Believe Management Coach he has helped numerous business owners and individuals to excel way beyond normal expectations. Based in Centurion but working with clients local, national and international.

Okay, that’s it for now, as always – love and respect

Your coach/friend


The miracle man (Law of Attraction – Mindset Coach)
PS. They don’t call me the miracle man for nothing

PPS. Did you know that you can follow us on facebook? I share tips like these daily. “I AM” Awakened Manifestor Tip # 7: “The true intentions and motivations behind our actions are *declarations* about who we ARE.” This is the challenge….Look at “your” external world, really look, what are – you declaring about yourself?

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