What to do when Tragedy Strikes

“Tragedy striked again. I feel like I was sucker punched. How do you keep the faith when bad things happen?” – John

Let’s see how we can make it much, much easier to not NOT get knocked out of your state, when challenges show up in your life.

From the book “Manifesting Bible”

This is VITAL…because if you lose your state – and don’t take the time to get it back you won’t get what you want in life.

Let’s dive in:

“It is not what you are, but what you trust God to do, that saves you. And to the degree that you trust God to save you, you will be saved. But he has given us a psychological law to cushion the inevitable blows of life.” – Neville Goddard.

It’s not what you are in the world’s eyes, and it’s not what you have thought you were before you knew what you have learned here that matters.

What matters is what do you TRUST is going to happen in your life?

What is it that you trust “God” – the higher dimensional you to do in your life?

ACTUALLY trusting….that everything you have chosen is STILL all working out perfectly, even when your senses tell you something else is going on – will free you.
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The POWER POINT That Most People Miss:

Neville says that this is a “psychological law to cushion the inevitable blows of life“.
This is SOLID GOLD because when people who expect EVERY SINGLE THING to be perfect and pleasing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – when THEY hit speed bumps – the inevitable challenges that we all have – they LOSE IT.

So when a speed bump shows up – Use the Tools – then move on.

Speed bumps don’t mean anything. Remain faithful to your state of the wish fulfilled. Remember the Law – the
Promise and follow the Formula.

“The law is simple: “As you sow, so shall you reap.” It is the law of like begets like. As you imagine, so shall your life become. Knowing what you want, assume the feeling that would be yours if you had it. Persist in that feeling, and in a way you do not know and could not devise, your desire will become a fact.” – Neville Goddard

Every single day, live from the lovely.

• Be loving.
• Feel yourself growing.

Feel-It-Real and change your world. Don’t be bothered. Don’t bother losing faith and don’t join in the belly aching of the masses. Don’t be a sheep, be the shepherd.

And when you hit a speed bump…

Remember the words of Neville:

“I urge you to apply this principle and cushion yourself against the normal blows of life. If your friends and loved ones cannot believe, cushion them anyway; for no matter what you leave them here, you are not going to stop the blows given by the depth of their own being.”

“If you left each friend one hundred thousand dollars, you would cushion them for the moment; but the depth of their being will continue to take them through experiences, in order to awaken to the knowledge that they are the father of God’s only begotten son, David.” – Neville Goddard

The reason why Feeling It Real works, is that it is the TRUTH about YOU that sets you free.

Every time you manifest, every time you realize you have manifested already, you are invited to notice the truth about you. You aren’t some small, weak, puny body, at war, trying to survive.

You are magnificent!

You ALREADY are one with the power behind all that is. You area capable of wonderful things.

Here’s what we believe:

“You get to discover the truth about YOU – who and what you TRULY are, and you get to get ALL you desire in life – by Following the Formula.”

All you have to do is:

• Believe that this works.
• ACTUALLY Follow-The-Formula.
• And remain faithful – even when you hit a speed bump.

Because all a speed bump does is reminds you – you are moving forward, driving the bus, living life to the fullest.

Success. It’s just like baking bread….

It’s EASY if you Follow the Formula – and it works every single time. – Follow the Feel-It-Real Formula
You can either accept the limited reality in front of you. Or you can create your own, live on your own terms, and tap into your infinite potential.

Which one is it gonna be?

How to Reinvent You –

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